YogaFit for Warriors Testimonial

YogaFit for Warriors Testimonial


YogaFit for Warriors Testimonial
By Christine Yanke, YogaFit for Warriors Ambassador, 200-RYT, 100-hr Warrior Certification

I have the BEST job in the world!  It is the most rewarding thing I have done in my life!! I can honestly say I have found my "purpose."

Since December, I have been teaching YogaFit Warrior classes at a place called Womankind Addiction Services in Hamilton where I actually did my own treatment 10 years ago.  We incorporate the yoga classes into the day as part of their treatment program, the first in Canada to do this.  The program or cycle they call it is 5 weeks and for the first few cycles of this year, I was there 2X a week.  Feedback after those 2 cycles from the girls- We want more!  They felt that it was much needed as well on a Friday.  Our present schedule had been Monday and Friday afternoons but found there was a big gap for them to wait until Monday again.  Fortunately, Womankind was able to grab a bit more funding after the 2 cycles to take us through 3 additional cycles at 3X a week.  

I cannot even explain how excited I am to meet these girls each cycle for the first time.  I share my story with them in the first class and I really believe that by doing this, it connects me to them. It shows them I am not just a yoga teacher showing up to teach them a class.  "I am like them, I have been where they are and I am there standing in front of them, it's real....they see hope through me." I care about them and I am their biggest supporter.  

All my classes start with a few dabs of the amazing DoTerra oils only if they choose to.   They love them and pick different ones each time depending on their moods.  It's fun to watch them get so excited about just this part of it!   We take in a few deep breaths, then we give a rub on our wrists or necks or wherever they want to place it. In the first class, they are introduced to eggs and bolsters and shown options as to what they may want to use them for as they start their practice. Even if they have never done yoga before, I want them to feel successful and in using these props, they will!

Then we begin our 45-60 minutes classes.  

Because I have them for 14 classes, I have time to feel out where everyone is as far as mobility.  I like to layer in movement and poses, giving bits and pieces for the first few weeks watching them connect to places in the body they have neglected or missed for a long time.  Every group varies so I plan my class according to my group. 

The classes on Monday and Wednesdays are at the end of the day so I am really mindful when I walk in on those days as to what kind of a day they are having.  I can tell the look of "I am mentally and physically exhausted and don't want to talk or move today" and I respect that.  On these days, usually it's not just one of them so I pick those days to introduce for at least 2 of the 14 classes an iRest -Yoga Nidra meditation.  And for some who struggle with the movement part, this gives them another way to connect to their body and their breath. And then on Fridays, I join them first thing in the morning which is nice because we start the day off fresh with a flowing yoga practice.



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