Training Highlight: YogaFit Healthcare 2 - Examining the Subtle Body

Training Highlight: YogaFit Healthcare 2 - Examining the Subtle Body

by Paul Galloro | 8/03/2016

For the first time ever, YogaFit Healthcare 2 - Examining the Subtle Body  is making it’s way to Canada at our Toronto Mind Body Fitness Conference April 7-10, 2016. This training focuses on the subtle body, an important component to focus on when dealing with yoga as a therapeutic healing modality.
Where YogaFit Healthcare 1: Accessing the Physical Body focuses on the physical body, or the annamayakosha (learned in YogaFit Level Four: Tradition and Level Five: Unification), YogaFit Healthcare 2 - Examining the Subtle Body  looks at the entire subtle energy body, including pranamayakosha (breath/energy body), manomayakosha (mental/emotional body), vijnanamayakosha (wisdom/intuition body), and anandamayakosha (bliss body), and uses various ancient yoga traditions for the purpose of finding optimal health and well-being. 
Looking at why the energy body is such an important layer when it comes to healing, this training explores the science that backs up yoga’s classic therapeutic techniques and modern day theories of subtle body work. This will help us understand how creating vibrational shifts within our thoughts and minds, can create huge shifts within all layers of our being.
The yogic tools that we’ll be enhancing in our already vast tool box includes a deeper understanding of how the chakras, koshas, kleshas, and grantis all play an important role in our health, just as we explored in YogaFit Healthcare 1: Accessing the Physical Body, the importance of working on the physical body as a whole (fascia, muscle tissues, bones, ligaments, etc). We also look at more tools we can bring into our practice when working with clients one-on-one, including energy medicine, crystals, pendulums, essential oils, mudras, and various therapeutic breathing practices.
After spending the first half of the training exploring these tools, we then take these tools and the skills we learned and apply them to our own healing. As we discuss and explore in Therapy 2, we can only help others heal as far as we’ve healed ourselves. Each daily master class focuses allows us to use these tools to dig deepers and look at our own healing. As a “final project” we create an individualized plan for ourselves that is suitable for our lifestyle, so when we’re ready to work privately with clients, we’ll be able to guide them to healing from a place of understanding and experience.
Be part of this inaugural YogaFit Healthcare 2 - Examining the Subtle Body Training April 7-10 and create a shift in your well-being, and the work you do in healing others. 


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