The Bridge To Rishikesh

The Bridge To Rishikesh


Guest Post by Brenda Sutherland

I do believe that the words "life-changing" are overused in todays society and therefore I will instead describe my experience of traveling to India for the Yogafit Intensive in December 2013 as "profound".  It was no accident that I was "sent" to India at a time when I had experienced great personal loss....death of my mother, subsequent sudden loss of two very dear colleagues and professional discord.  I found myself saying "I need to escape the pain and find time to reflect on how these events had forever changed me.  How can I move on emotionally?"
I decided to muster up the courage to travel solo and tell myself that if I am going to move forward I need to "become comfortable being uncomfortable in whatever situation is put in front of me".  There were many opportunities from the time my journey began until I landed back home to reinforce that intention.  Our travels from Delhi, to the Taj Mahal, to Rishikesh brought an awareness of the intense poverty yet ever present compassion of the Indian people.  The country flows with beauty, grace and an immense feeling of gratitude for life itself. These words can't even come close to the experience itself. From the amazing yoginis that took part in the intensive, the friendliness of the Sattva retreat staff to the masterful teachings of Anand I returned home with a profound realization that having less allows space for true peace. Yoga is life itself in India!
Two and a half years later, the teachings grow richer with each personal/professional encounter.  Profound!  Thank you Anand.  Thank you India.

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