The Bhagavad Gita – The Most Important Lesson I Have Learned

The Bhagavad Gita – The Most Important Lesson I Have Learned

by Tricia Klassen-Morton | 10/04/2017

To be myself and stop searching for perfection.


In many stories and verses there are references to “Once you stop searching you will find what you are looking for.”


I have been a fitness instructor for 26 years and when I first decided to take my Yoga Certification I thought it would be easy, learn the poses and start teaching. I thought if I dressed like a yogi and learned the poses I would be a yogi. But since then I have discovered that it is so much more than just a physical practice.


I started my journey several years ago when I would be drawn to take a yoga class at a Fitness Conference, always asking questions trying to figure out how I could do this more. Almost two years ago to the day I took my YogaFit Level 1 and found once I started I only wanted more. I feel like I am learning how to trust myself and working towards being my authentic self.


It was initially very difficult for me to write this essay; once again I was searching, searching the book for just the right quote or verse to reference so my essay would be perfect. I was reading the book over the weekend and finally found them and marked the pages with bookmarks. When I went back to them the next day and start writing, the pages I had marked were not the right ones. Annoyed and a little frustrated I started to search again but couldn’t find them so figured it was time to walk away for a bit. Later that day reflecting on the passages I had found I realized I didn’t need the perfect quote; I just needed to trust myself and write what I had learned from the experience. And it all came to me.

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