Our Community Impact

Our Community Impact


At YogaFit, we value the power of karma and volunteer service in the community. The feeling of giving is a unique and fulfilling experience we encourage everyone to indulge in. Part of our Level 1 certification process involves community service, and reflecting upon that experience. We've had thousands share their stores, and now we'd love to share them with you! 



Yoga is known to help the mind as much as the body. Heather tells us of the improvement she sees from her behavioral needs students.


"I teach at an alternative school in south central Pennsylvania.  These kids are referred to [this school] because of emotional and behavioral issues that interfere with them functioning in a regular classroom. 

Many of my students have been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety and depression.  Introducing them to something new is always a challenge.  I was surprised by their willingness to try yoga for the first time and found that their interest continued.  I did yoga twice a week with my students and they asked for more.  I saw a big improvement in classroom behavior and the relationship I have with them as a teacher."

Often, efforts to help these children result in frustration and over-medication. It's great to see the power of yoga helping the minds and relationships of people all ages. This was a breakthrough for Heather, and we're so happy to hear about the progress YogaFit has helped her to accomplish.

Kim, another teacher who has continued her education through YogaFit, writes about the affect yoga has had on both healthy, fit students, and those with special physical needs.

"I was so blessed and honored to get to bring yoga to the middle school students that I work with. Many of the students had never engaged in yoga or seen their parents do it, but thought that it was only for “Mom’s”. I was very excited to get to bring some new knowledge and experiences to students at such a young age and open up their minds to the prospect that yoga is something they can do.

The students have ranged from athletic boys to sedentary girls. I was very excited to see some of the more athletic boys and girls realizing that yoga can help them within their sport and to just become more fit, while at the same time opening up the possibility to be active for students who don’t like to exercise or play sports. A few of my students have commented that they have continue to do yoga at home on their own or that they have actually joined their mothers. It is so rewarding to see what yoga can do for people once they are given the opportunity to give it a try.

As an Inclusion Helper, I usually work one on one with a student or students that have specific needs. One student that I am fortunate to work with has physical needs based mostly on muscle degeneration. By providing him with stretching and range of motion routines that I have learned from the YogaFit program he is able to enjoy his daily workouts more and receive the benefits of all that we do."

Bettering relationships at home and expanding the physical ability for all her students, Kim has had a great impact on her local community. Yoga often provides an unexpected opportunity to connect with others.

The key to the success of the YogaFit system is the ability to modify traditional poses for any needs. This excludes no one and opens yoga to the masses. Timothy from Minneapolis has had a great impact on the local blind community. His volunteer sponsor tells us about his work.

"I personally have attended all of the above classes.  Tim regards me as a Yoga addict, which is actually true.  I love the classes, as do the other students who attend on a regular basis.  The nice thing about Tim is he doesn’t take the easy way out by having us do the same old stretching routines on a weekly basis.  Each week he teaches us new things and challenges us more. 

Tim is an excellent role model for our students, as many blind people fall into sedentary roles, and it helps to have a personal trainer who is also a Yoga instructor leading the classes.  Since Tim has mostly worked with sighted people, he had to make a few modifications to work with our students, including more detailed description of exercises and more hands-on teaching..."

His flexibility in teaching is a great example of how to use YogaFit to adjust a class and flow to any situation. His passion for movement and ability to modify inspired people who may have been discouraged from a typical class. 

A big thank you to all of our students for submitting these beautiful letters and inspiring us to keep moving forward. YogaFit's dedication to giving back and the enthusiasm with which our trainees perform their community service has created an amazing amount of karma we strive to live with every day as a company, and as individuals. 

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