Meet Master Trainer: Tracy Glennon

Meet Master Trainer: Tracy Glennon


Meet master trainer Tracy Glennon. Tracy will be leading Level 1, Seniors and Kids trainings at our upcoming Mind Body Fitness Conference in Toronto April 6-9.

What's your favourite yoga pose and why? 

Oh goodness, this changes regularly as I need it! Right now Triangle, Trikonasana, because of the beautiful length it allows the spine to seek and because it is good to look at the world sideways sometimes!

If you could have any super power which one would it be? 

I would be able to levitate-so I could sit from up in the sky and get more perspective on things…

What are your morning must-haves? 

Pre-coffee before my coffee with my husband and a moment with each of my animals…they ground me before I spiral off into the ‘have-to’s’ and ‘need to’s’ off my day

Do you have a hidden talent that only your close friends/family know of?

Latte Art. I spend far too much time trying to create creatures on the top of lattes

How did you discover YogaFit? 

I was already a certified Yoga instructor and went to a Level 1 training to support my instructors and have a better understanding of the training.

What influenced your decision to become a YogaFit Master Trainer? 

I fell in love with the essence of YogaFit and the accessibility for everyone to feel confident teaching and sharing their passion for Yoga.

What's your favourite YogaFit Memory? 

I think that the Kirtan’s that we do at the MBF’s hold a special place for me-the sense of community and the willingness and trust the students have to reach out of their comfort zone and try something new is powerful.

What has been the impact of your yoga teacher training in your life and in the lives of those you teach? 

Personally I learn something every single time I teach a course. Whether it is from a new yogi embarking on their yoga adventure, or insight from a participant-gold nuggets are everywhere. The best part is they translate into everyday life every time. For the students I am hoping it is opening new doors and a sense of community and support as they go forward.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their yoga journey?

Yoga is a practice in patience-we don’t always know what we are practicing for, but I guarantee the journey will come in handy one day! Take time in your own practice as well as in your yogic journey-there is no gold star for finishing earlier-and it is amazing what we can miss along the way if all we keep in sight is the end.


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