Meet Our Host: Cheliza Krause of CK Fitness

Meet Our Host: Cheliza Krause of CK Fitness


If it wasn't for our gracious hosts opening up their spaces to run a YogaFit training we wouldn't be able to offer as many yoga trainings as we do throughout Canada. This month we are featuring Cheliza Krause of CK Fitness.


Where is your facility located?

I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


How many years have you been in business?

I have been personal training since 2013 but have only been in my studio space since early 2016!


When did you first start hosting YogaFit trainings?

My first hosting came after I completed my Level 1 training with April Baker. We were told that hosting spaces were hard to come by and I immediately knew what I had to do! And 3 months later, I began hosting and haven't stopped since! 


What do you like most about hosting our trainings?

I absolutely love how included I am in the process. I am contacted anytime there is a change, when materials are shipped and the YogaFit staff have been so wonderful to work around my schedule and of course, the trainers who arrive are always so grateful and wonderful. 


Which training was your most memorable and why?

Funny enough, my most memorable training was my Level 4. It really completed the whole curriculum for me. It gave me just a history and foundation for Yoga that I finally felt comfortable really diving in and teaching others about Yoga and it's colourful past.


Are there any words of wisdom that you would give to prospective hosts?

You won't regret it! It's such a warm (I control my thermostat ðŸ˜Š) and easy experience that if you have access to a space that can host, you are missing out! The compensation is extremely fair and it allows others to continue to learn through the Yogafit Levels in their hometown instead of worrying about travel. Seriously, if you haven't hosted a YogaFit before, don't wait. It's a beautiful experience and knowing that we are putting more educated YogaFit instructors out there into the world, is worth every minute of it!


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