Meet Our Host: Camilla Maclean of Rath Eastlink Community Centre

Meet Our Host: Camilla Maclean of Rath Eastlink Community Centre


If it wasn't for our gracious hosts opening up their spaces to run a YogaFit training we wouldn't be able to offer as many yoga trainings as we do throughout Canada. This month we are featuring Camilla Maclean of Rath Eastlink Community Centre.

Where is your facility located?

Our facility is located in Truro, NS.


How many years have you been in business?

We opened in March 2013, I have been here since we opened.


When did you first start hosting YogaFit trainings?

I believe we hosted our first training in 2015.


What do you like most about hosting our trainings?

I enjoy hosting trainings because I am very proud of our facility and our town! I love being in a central location that is convienant for so many people!


Which training was your most memorable and why?

My most memorable training was definitely Level 4 with Joy Keller last year, for a couple of reasons. One of the true joys of the YogaFit trainings for me would be the people you meet! Last year when we hosted I had three wonderful ladies I met previously through YogaFit come stay at my house during the training weekend. That was a blessing...for friendships and for talking things through during homework time. Level 4 also touched something inside of me. During one of our morning master classes the theme was "I Am Enough". I was brought to tears during that class. Something just clicked inside of me and I was so moved during that whole class, that had never happened to me before! It was definitely a special memory for me!


Have you taken any of our yoga teacher trainings?

I have now taken Levels 1 through 4 and my level 1 re-train. I look forward to 2018 and what other trainings it will hold for me. Both the ones we host in Truro and others! 


Are there any words of wisdom that you would give to prospective hosts?

If you have a facility and are considering hosting I think you should! It's wonderful to bring people to you and share your pride in your facility as well as your community! 


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