Meet Master Trainer: Tracy Glennon

Meet Master Trainer: Tracy Glennon


Your current mantra? 

I am present


Top 3 things you love to do? 

Teach-teach anything-you learn so much when you teach

Cook-I am fully present and love creating in the kitchen

Travel-with my love, best travel partner ever


How do you incorporate mindfulness techniques into your day?

Lately, I stop. Stop what I am doing and go through the senses of what I see, taste, smell, hear and feel. It grounds me and reminds me not to let everything pass me by.


Can you share with us a "Mountain 3 Moment" that you've had?

A Mountain 3 life moment was when I placed the word 'don't' into the phrase 'I have to'. We sometimes fill our day with things that we 'have' to do without ever asking what would happen if we didn't. If we didn't do the laundry or didn't make supper what would the consequence be if any?

What will be the consequence of not doing everything on our list that day if any?


Which YogaFit Essence resonates with you most and why?

Letting Go of Expectations. 

Expectations cause us to invest emotions in everything we do which can lead to disappointment and attachment to outcome.  Choosing to let go of expectations can open us up to new experiences we may not have been willing to try before.

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