200-hr Intensive Testimonial

200-hr Intensive Testimonial

When signing up to Canada's first 200-hour YogaFit Intensive I knew I was making a positive investment for the future, even though it was a little scary to take the plunge. To be able to complete the whole 200 hours in a 1 month period  was important to me as I needed to really immerse myself in the training allowing me to absorb the information and philosophies to be able to offer even more services and depth to my current yoga students. It's a significant time and financial investment but even after the first week, I know 100% I've made the right decision.
I didn't know what to expect, but we are a quarter of the way through the training and  I can say, so far,  there is an incredible depth of knowledge being offered and encouragement to really learn and embrace the art of teaching yoga. Knowing that we have formed a group that will stay together for a whole month cultivates a level of trust amongst us (the students) and the amount of sharing in the group is immense and is only adding even more knowledge to the database of my brain. Something that doesn't happen to this degree,  in 2 day trainings. It's precious. 
The momentum is building from day to day, which is allowing us to get really excited and stay focused and open to keep learning and absorbing all the information being offered. YogaFit attracts elite teachers who really know their stuff and who really know how to make the experience of learning fun, exciting and easy to retain. I can't wait to continue to keep learning over the next 3 weeks and I can feel my confidence in my abilities as a yoga teacher growing each and every day.
Brisbane, Australia

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