I am YogaFit: Doreen Delgaty

I am YogaFit: Doreen Delgaty

by Doreen Delgaty | 12/04/2017

Yoga Saved My Life...


I live in small town Killarney in SW Manitoba, a rural farming community. I lived through an abusive marriage on a large secluded grain farm, been shot at, nearly strangled, and thrown from a headlock across the room. Too afraid to leave, too afraid to stay. Five wonderful children resulted from that marriage. I've had cancer, a house fire that completely destroyed all the contents, along with many other challenges. Yoga saved my life. 

Retired from special education and classroom teaching and on stress leave, I needed something to fill the void. I became a certified iridologist, and studied alternative cancer therapy, as well as blood chemistry analysis. When a YogaFit training came to Brandon, I decided to take my yoga instructor's advice, and attend, but never intended to teach yoga! I became hooked, and have never looked back! I love sharing what I've learned, and love continuing my education so that I can share more. My favourite yoga training so far is Ayurveda. I love using the 5000 year old system from the East that has survived all these years, helping me become as healthy as I can be. I now have over 800 hours of instructional training and look forward to more. I hope to become a certified Yoga Therapist so that I can be of more help to those who need it. 

My favourite YogaFit memory takes me to Palm Springs, where I hiked up the Mountain Trail early in the day before the training with Beth Shaw and other yogis. There I absorbed as much of Ayurveda 3&4 as I possibly could. Ayurveda has definitely made a positive impact on my life. The YogaFit family has become my second family. 

Each morning I weigh myself, record the results, use my tongue scraper, wash my face, then grind my organic coffee beans for my Americano with coconut oil and sometimes a drop of peppermint essential oil before practicing some yoga warm-ups and Sun Salutations. Then I feel empowered enough to conquer whatever task is at hand. Yes there are days when I feel down. Meditation helps me to stay in the present moment. As YogaFit teaches, we cannot change the past, and the future probably won't look like we worry that it might, so let's just enjoy this gift, the present. 


My favourite cue that I use in my yoga classes is for protecting the shoulders. I instruct: "bringing our shoulder blades towards the spine and down, hugging the rib cage with our elbows, lifting through the navel, THEN lowering down into kneeling crocodile with 90* elbows". This has made a big difference for my own practice. I no longer have to go to the chiropractor with painful shoulders, though I do believe that chiropractors, alternative medicine, massage, acupuncture, together with yoga, can complement conventional medicine in a way that many doctors are beginning to realize and recommend. My goal is to help people be as healthy as they can be. Yoga plays a big part in that. 

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