I am YogaFit: Mother Daughter Edition

I am YogaFit: Mother Daughter Edition


Throughout the years we have had several family members inspire each other to deepen their yoga practice and/or take the leap to becoming a yoga teacher. We've had sisters, mother/daughters, mother/sons, and spouses train together. In light of Mother's Day this month we asked Anna and Jaimie Gateman to share their YogaFit experience with us.


Anna's Experience

I discovered YogaFit through social media when they first started in Canada. I had been following them as they were new in Canada and was looking for some quality teaching. I noticed that they were posting a part-time job and urged my daughter Jaimie to apply as she was in University and thought it might be a nice fit. She started working there in the spring and we decided to take our Level One training together in August 2012 at the canfitpro fitness conference


We have taken many trainings together, traveling in the province, sharing hotel rooms and bonding. Yoga and YogFit trainings have continued our bonding as mother/daughter with a shared experience of growing, learning and to continue challenging ourselves. We both like to grow and give, and yoga is a perfect opportunity to share our knowledge and create a safe space for our students to strengthen their body and mind connection. 


I have so many fond memories of my trainings with my daughter in particular we always enjoy Paul Gallaro’s chakra dance party. My daughter has some really great dance moves that make me laugh. We have had many moments of giggles together, some at the more serious times which can be embarrassing. Our Level 5 together, with master trainer Lisa Greenbaum was a pivotal training for both of us. We discovered some new things about each other.  The MBF’s are also a great way for us to connect with other like-minded individuals with a focus on fun and learning. 


I have learned so much with my YogaFit trainings and I will continue to challenge myself with yearly upgrades in my training. I feel like I have only scratched the surface with my trainings, and feel that yoga is a lifelong study. I always tell my students “yoga finds you when you need it the most” and so very grateful to all the wonderful people I have met in my studies. Although I am a teacher of yoga, I always consider myself a student first. The fact I get to share with my special daughter Jaimie on this journey is a special gift!


Jaimie's Experience

I began my YogaFit journey exactly 6 years ago – in May 2012 I became a part-time admin & customer service representative in Toronto while I was in University. My mom and I (hesitantly!) decided to take Level 1 at canfitpro that same year, and we both have never looked back. We have taken a variety of trainings together (we are both currently working on our 500-RYT), which has allowed us to grow as Yogis and has helped our relationship flourish. We live 2 hours apart, so trainings are a perfect excuse to spend a day or weekend together. 6 years later, Yoga is something we continue to bond over – we attend MBFs & the Toronto Yoga Conference together, we routinely discuss our Yoga classes as we are both now teachers, and we recently took a trip to Maui where we practiced Yoga in an ocean-front studio.


My mom’s humour (we have regretfully had a few laugh attacks during meditations), strength, and willingness to stay open-minded and learn new things continue to inspire me.  It is extra special to share Yoga with the person who gave me the gift of life. I always like to say “I live & breathe YogaFit” – and I couldn’t have done that without my mom seeing that job posting and convincing both of us to take a leap of faith on this journey. YogaFit has undoubtedly shifted my entire perspective (and honestly, my entire life), and I’m proud to be the calm Yogi in my current corporate day job, reminding people to take time and mindfully breathe and ‘check in’.


If you are reading this and have a chance, I encourage you to share Yoga with loved ones, whether attending a YogaFit training or even just a class together. I would also like to give a special shout-out to Lisa Greenbaum - another extraordinary woman, support and mentor in my life.




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