I am YogaFit: Bonita Rogers

I am YogaFit: Bonita Rogers


What's your day job?   

Wellness Coach and Fitness Instructor

Which city do you live in? 

Whitehorse, Yukon

Your morning must-haves? 

Chia Seeds and Kombucha or Water Kefir.

Your favourite YogaFit training?   

So far Working With the Chakras Training 

Why YogaFit?  

It was offered in my area.

What brought you to your mat?  

I needed to work on my flexibility but the spiritual side fed my soul.

How did you discover YogaFit?  

It was offered by our local community and thought it would be good for me to add to my fitness repertoire

What made you decide to choose YogaFit as part of your yoga journey? 

YogaFit kind of chose me. It was convenient as the training came to me. I must travel to do all my training but in the beginning it has so nice not to have to travel and I thought it would be a great mix from what I was already doing. 

What is your favourite YogaFit memory so far?  

Meeting so many wonderful people on my journeys.

Why was Working With The Chakras your favourite YogaFit training?  

Because it works with healing. I am a person that believes that yoga is a personal journey and that when we hold the asanas we are capable of getting into a meditative state.  Working With The Chakras helps to focus on balancing our Chakras to promote healing.

When you look forward, what does your yoga journey look like?  

I will use yoga as a healing tool, to heal mind body and spirit (the short of it anyway).

What is one of your favourite, go-to cues you use to teach your students? 

Quiet the mind and just be.

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