I am YogaFit: Amanda Morrow

I am YogaFit: Amanda Morrow


What's your day job?

Education assistant in a Burnaby high school.

Which city do you live in?

East Vancouver.

Your morning must-haves?

Cup of coffee, meditation, and Kazooing to a few songs on my drive to work.

Your favourite YogaFit training?

Warriors went way beyond my expectations. It has been the most significant healing experience in my life. (Physically and emotionally.) It is also my favourite thing to share with my yoga clients.

Why YogaFit?

I don’t have the luxury of being able to take a large amount of time off of my day job to complete my training. YogaFit allows me to go at my own pace. I tend to get overwhelmed when taking in too much new information at once, with yogafit I’m  able to learn, digest and integrate my new trainings into classes at a pace that suits my learning style.

What brought you to your mat?

A friend offering free yoga classes as she completed her Level 1 volunteer hours. My life beginning to fracture. It’s the cracks that let the light in.

How did you discover YogaFit?

Same as above

What made you decide to choose YogaFit as part of your yoga journey?

It was offered in a way that was convenient and attainable for me. Weekends, a level at a time.

What is your favourite YogaFit memory so far?

Weeping away and shaking out a couple of decades of things that no longer served me, in the Warrior training. And the relief in body and mind that ensued.

Why was YogaFit for Warriors your favourite YogaFit training?

It came at a time I most needed it personally and was ready to embrace it.

When you look forward, what does your yoga journey look like?

I have 3 trainings left to finish my 200 hours. Anatomy and addiction and recovery are booked. Looking forward to prenatal.

Then, continue to offer a safe space for other humans to hear the homeless parts of themselves. And to learn how to listen to that voice, as I have been learning to.

What is one of your favourite, go-to cues you use to teach your students?

Mantra: I am safe, I am loved, I am cared for.

Cue: feeling our ground, letting our roots drop down.

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