How Does One Get From Good To Great

How Does One Get From Good To Great

by Christa Norgren | 11/11/2016

For centuries, humankind has aspired for the crown of bigger, stronger or faster. The moment one athlete makes a world record the next athlete is executing a plan to surpass it. With every game, race, National or Olympic competition and so forth, our human capabilities never ceases to amaze me.


YogaFit® for Athletes program was inspired by the fascination of the mind power, the wonder of physical movement and the desire to preserve both. From an inquiry, the program flourished: “how does one get from good to great?” and “what if there were no injuries along the way?”  Understanding how to go from “good to great” is starting with the power of the mind. In YogaFit® for Athletes, we look at the philosophies of yoga that influence and develop the mind leading each individual to their own greatness.  


Along the way, avoiding injuries altogether may not be possible, however limiting them certainly is.  With the understanding of the physical body and the forces it is subject to in various levels of physical activity we reduce the occurrence of injury. The biggest predictor of an injury is a previous injury. Therefore, preventing the first one, in theory, will prevent many more. This in turn promotes optimal performance and longevity.


In addition to yoga, understanding athletic training became the driving force of this program development. EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance and Core Performance) developed by Mark Verstegen provided a rock solid foundation to the theories and applications for athletes to develop and refine skill. As well, Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems has facilitated a thorough understanding of fundamentals in movement and athletic performance. With close movement analysis it is possible to see how yoga poses are not only useful but necessary for optimal movement and skill development in sport.


Yoga has an inverse yet complimentary relationship with athletic training meaning that when an athlete is training at peak levels, the yoga approach is less intense and more restorative. When the off season approaches the yoga can intensify. When programmed correctly for the sport or the individual athlete, yoga enhances athletic performance without exhausting them.  


Athletes come in all shapes and sizes from beginner to elite and recreational to professional. YogaFit® for Athletes aims to introduce yoga to the athletic community in such a way that we effectively stimulate an appetite for yoga in the athletic world.


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