Revolved Triangle with the YogaFit Eggs

Revolved Triangle with the YogaFit Eggs

Revolved Triangle with the YogaFit Eggs
by Lisa Greenbaum
Director of YogaFit Canada, Senior Master Trainer, and Presenter

We all know that Revolved Triangle is a very powerful pose, and often we suggest blocks (or water bottles) to our students so this pose is more accessible. I love using the eggs because it brings a different more subtle challenge to our core muscles. The eggs stand taller, therefore propping our bodies up higher and less intensity through our hamstrings, however balancing on the edge of the egg forces us to use proprioception and core integration to stay balanced within the pose. For more intensity, lowering to the side of the egg while the opposite reaches another egg straight creating a feeling of more length in the arms and through the entire pose. Give it a try, I know you will love this added challenge!

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