Happy 5 Years, YogaFit Canada!

Happy 5 Years, YogaFit Canada!



We are so excited to continue growing our Canadian network, and inspiring yoga and fitness enthusiasts across Canada. If you have ever taken a YogaFit training, workshop, or just said hello to us at an event - WELCOME to the YogaFit Family!


As Lisa Greenbaum, Director of YogaFit Canada notes:

"We've gone from a one-woman operation in my apartment, to two office moves, 7 staff members, 7 master trainers, amazing partnerships with canfitpro, GoodLife, Stevenson & Hunt, our YogaFit Partners, our own studio and thousands of friends across the country.  It has been a whirlwind absolutely, and also the best ride of my life. I am so grateful for all of you who continue to share the YogaFit love with your students and friends allowing us to keep growing and bringing more of our wonderful programing up from the US to share with all of you!"

Here are a few words on how 5 years of YogaFit Canada has inspired and affected those in our network...


"YogaFit- a place to meet friends, an environment to learn new skills and a catalyst for connecting to our authentic self." - Stephanie, 200-RYT Graduate


"I am so proud to be spreading the love, knowledge and integrity of YogaFit as a Trainer. I am proud of the company and its quality programming. I am also excited for my continued growth as a trainee in future YogaFit trainings. Thank you for YogaFit, Beth and thank for bringing YogaFit to Canada, Lisa! - Love hugs and smiles." - Christa, YogaFit Master Trainer


"When you are on the right path, you just “know” it. Working at YogaFit is the path that came to me at the exact moment in my life I needed it most. The best thing about my job is meeting so many other travellers, whether in person, by phone or email, for whom YogaFit is assisting on their journey, and sharing their joy." -  Andrew, Office Manager


"The growth of YogaFit Canada over the last 5 years has created a home for me. Home is where your family is at. A place where you know acceptance, love and laughter. Every training is like an amazing family reunion. Excitement to say hello, sadness at goodbye and a heart that's fuller." Joy, Master Trainer 


"YogaFit Canada promotes the principle of oneness, both in its business practices and its teacher trainings. I have learned from this. Just as YogaFit Canada has adapted and grown, so have I. It started here." - Jason, 200-RYT Graduate


"Seeing our trainees’ faces gleaming with smiles at the end of their training makes my heart bloom and it reminds me to always keep a positive mind, even when I’m having a bad day.  YogaFit continues to change people’s lives each and every day.  It makes me proud to be a part of the team." - Ivana, Customer Service Manager 


"I have taken many yoga paths over the years and it was so wonderful to become a part of YogaFit team because I believe the keys to success are quality and accessibility.YogaFit has made yoga accessible to yoga practitioners ready to begin their yoga transition into teaching. They have made trainings approachable, more readily available, and the certification process flexible. As a result YogaFit instructors are confident and knowledgable that they can step into the teaching world and share their knowledge providing wonderful, safe, uplifting classes to their participants. YogaFit has inspired me to step back to basics, ask questions and challenge myself to question why. Who wouldn’t be inspired by that? :)" - Tracy, Master Trainer 


A special thank you to Beth Shaw and Lisa Greenbaum, all of those in the office, our Trainers, and to our hosts across the country who have worked tirelessly to continue growing and spreading the love in Canada!  

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