Commonly Asked Questions
1. What is YogaFit® and how is it different than "traditional yoga?"
2. How do I receive my Level 1 certificate?
3. How can I use the name YogaFit® for my club's classes?
4. How do I become a trainer for YogaFit®?
5. I teach can I modify the practice?
Everything you need to know about becoming a certified yoga instructor.
1. Do you offer canfitpro continuing education credits (CEC's)?
2. Will I be a "certified" yoga instructor after attending the Level 1 training?
3. How long do I have to complete the 8 hours of required community service?
YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conferences
1. What should I expect at a MBF Conference?
YogaFit for Warriors Program
1. What should I expect when completing the YogaFit for Warriors Program?
2. Who should I contact for more information regarding the YogaFit for Warriors Program?
YogaFit Yoga Therapy Program
1. What is the mission on the YogaFit Healthcare Program?
2. How is the program structured?
3. What are the prerequisites for the YogaFit Healthcare Program?
4. What trainings are offered as part of the YogaFit Healthcare Program?
5. Who should I contact with questions regarding the YogaFit Healthcare Program?
YogaFit Australia
1. Which province do I select when registering?
2. How do I request a certificate?
3. Can I request a training in my area?
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