About Us

With its emphasis on the full spectrum of yoga and mind body health, sports science and alignment principles, YogaFit, the largest yoga school in North America, brings yoga to every body in a way that is safe and adaptable for a wide range of fitness levels, age groups, and health challenges—all the while never losing sight of the essence of this ancient practice.

Beth Shaw

founded YogaFit in Southern California in 1994, as a way of helping fitness professionals improve their health, performance, and mental acuity.

Yoga instructors of any lineage found the focus on communication, safety and consistency to be crucial to their teaching skills. Since then, this practical, user-friendly style has benefited thousands of women and men all over the world, regardless of their body type, fitness level, or experience. Today, YogaFit has grown to include all aspects of practice—from vinyasa and power flow to therapeutically oriented trainings; from fitness-focused classes to trauma-sensitive workshops. YogaFit also takes groups of students to India every other year for more in-depth study.

We are modular

Our one, two, and four-day offerings allow you to design a curriculum that works for your schedule, your interests, and your budget.

We are inclusive

We teach in a way that informs and empowers the path you have chosen for yourself, whether you are a fitness professional, a spiritual seeker, or someone involved in the healing arts.

We are versatile

Our emphasis on sports science and alignment principles makes YogaFit adaptable and safe for a wide range of fitness levels, ages, and health challenges.

We are affordable

No big upfront costs or time commitment; it’s truly pay-as- you go.

We are committed

We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical challenges or financial situation. We require all of our teacher trainees to do their practice teaching as community service, free of charge, before they can complete their teacher certification; YogaFit teachers are encouraged to offer by-donation classes in their communities. As a result, YogaFit has served myriad populations—seniors in long-term care homes, men and women with developmental disabilities, incarcerated individuals, and military personnel—and contributed more than a million dollars of yoga training to nonprofit organizations.