Christa Norgen

Christa Norgen

Vancouver, British Columbia



Other Credentials

BCRPA PT, GF & YI (Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor), Athlete’s Performance and Functional Movement Screen level 1

Your Teaching Philosophy

Everyone is a yogi on their own journey to self discovery. The journey begins with breath and a willingness to take the first step. My vision is that all will see their path highlighted as they deepen their practice and explore. An individual's practice shall be just that guided with their individual choice and empowerment. It is an honour to meet students on this path.

Favorite YogaFit Memory

My favourite YogaFit memory was taking my level 1 in 2005, wanting to be and do what my trainer was doing... 7 years later receiving a personal welcome on board from Beth Shaw and Lisa Greenbaum themselves as a YogaFit Trainer.

Happy Place

my happy place is at peace in my own heart and mind in the company of my teenage daughter... laughing!