About Beth Shaw

Founder Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw, author, visionary &  entrepreneur is  the founder and President of YogaFit©, Inc., the largest yoga fitness educational school in the world.

As one of the utmost leading experts in “mind, body and fitness,” Shaw is recognized as an industry pioneer drawing from years of experience and expertise in nutrition, exercise, yoga and holistic healing.

A frequent speaker at Universities, Hospitals and  Fortune 500 Corporations, Shaw educates others on  Health & ‘Mindfulness’ in the workplace, fitness and conscious business. She sits on the CanFitPro Advisory Panel, The Animal Rights Museum Board, HSUS  and the Long Island University Board of Advisors. s an EYRT, Shaw has spent time in India and Asia studying yoga and holds numerous certificates in fitness disciplines, as well as a bachelors degree in Business Administration & Nutrition. She has also been a trained Yoga Therapist since 1994.

For over 20 years, Shaw has committed to helping others achieve a heightened mind-body health through the creation and growth of YogaFit. As one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the wellness space, Shaw has successfully run YogaFit and it’s entities for the past two decades.Through the continuous development of YogaFit, Shaw remains at the forefront of offering programs and certification courses are innovative and educational.

Beth Shaw has authored and published multiple manuscripts, as well as released her highly anticipated second book, YOGALEAN which has sold more than 10,000 copies and counting.  Beth’s premier book, YogaFit (Human Kinetics) has sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

Shaw has become a go-to expert in the media and has been featured in numerous fitness, business and consumer publications including Parade, Huffington Post, Expert Beacon, New York Times, Time, LA Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, SELF, Mind Body Green, FIT and Yoga Journal.

Shaw is dedicated to giving back, both in Karma yoga and community service. She is an animal advocate.  Her non-profit organization, Visionary Women in Fitness awards scholarships to women worldwide. Shaw has dedicated her life to YogaFit and the transformational growth that the company creates globally.  Annually, YogaFit committed to giving $1M of Free Yoga Trainings to those in need.

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