Kristy Manuel

Kristy Manuel

Dana Point, CA



Other Credentials

Master's degree: Health and Fitness Management ACSM Certified Exercise physiologist ACE Certified Personal Trainer 30 years experience in teaching fitness and wellness to groups and individuals 9 years Experience as a yoga therapist working with individuals towards health and healing.

Your Teaching Philosophy

I want anyone that comes into my classes to feel safe and successful and leave with a greater sense of peace and a smile on their face. I feel that the practice of yoga should be fun and I try to set up an environment where people are comfortable to create movement that day that suits their needs and to encourage them to explore movement and try new things. Healing and peace are available if we stay curious and are willing to continually find new ways of doing things like coming into poses differently or maybe even making up a new pose! I am also constantly educating my students on the "whys" of what we are doing. I have always been motivated and empowered by knowledge and I carry that forward in my teaching assuming others get excited as I do with new information!!

Favorite YogaFit Memory

I have so many favorite memories at trainings and MBFs with my YogaFit family where the shared energy and love is energizing and healing!! I think i will always remember though when i was teaching in Taiwan and i looked around the room and saw the oneness of the the world no matter what language we speak, love connects us all.

Happy Place

I am happy anywhere but especially on my paddleboard or yoga mat!!