Kim Gray

Kim Gray

Highland, IL



Other Credentials

Certified Personal Trainer - ACE; Step Aerobics - AFAA; Group Fitness - CAR; Zumba

Your Teaching Philosophy

Smile, it's just yoga! Live the YogaFit Essence on and off the mat - Breathe, Feel, Listen, Let Go, and Be Present. Imagine, if we could all do this, what a different world this would be? Go ahead, smile right now, yes, as you're reading this. Doesn't that feel better? :)

Favorite YogaFit Memory

It's difficult to select a favorite a YogaFit memory since YogaFit has been part of my life for 10 years! But I realize that so many good things happened for me during and following my Therapy ll training with Kristy at the Boston MBF. Through the techniques taught and experienced, I was able to let go of some stuff that I needed to let go of. As part of a homework assignment I manifested abundance for my yoga business, and before the conference was over I had my first yoga therapy client. This led to an opportunity to work with a group of people living with MS, and eventually to other clients in need of yoga as therapy. I also began my journey to becoming a YogaFit master trainer at this conference, AND I developed a friendship with someone who remains near and dear to my heart. I am amazed at the abundance I've received as a result of that seemingly small act of manifesting. I am blessed beyond measure and honored to be a part of the YogaFit family, sharing the gift of YogaFit wherever I go!

Happy Place

Although I can only go there in my memory, my happy place is my grandma Ruby's kitchen. I didn't know it at the time, but I learned so much from her example. Faith, love, serenity, courage, wisdom and the power of positive thinking were consistently demonstrated. We had many wonderful conversations while she taught me valuable cooking skills. Although she never stepped onto a yoga mat, she was a yogi in the true sense of the word!