Kelli Braud

Kelli Braud



ERYT 200

Other Credentials

ACE personal trainer

Your Teaching Philosophy

Slow it down. Move with the breath. Stay present. Enjoy the subtle adjustments. Meditate on the things often overlooked in the pose, such as the texture of the mat, the weight of the fingertip on the ground. Celebrate movement and what your body can do, and happiness can be found in less extreme variations of a pose. Here we find more contentment and less risk of injury, both of which lead to a sustainable yoga practice.

Favorite YogaFit Memory

In 2005, I was on a flight to North Carolina to lead YogaFit level 2, and the guy next to me was very funny. We stayed in touch, and married in 2006. Two kids later, and he still makes me laugh daily.

Happy Place

My backyard anytime besides an AL summer, or a hike in the woods.