Katie Schuver

Katie Schuver

Minneapolis, MN


ERYT 500

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Your Teaching Philosophy

As a student myself, I appreciate when a teacher takes the time to share the subtleties of the “whys and hows” of what they are teaching. Consequently, I employ a similar approach to support experiences of self-directed growth. Designing safe, effective, and efficient practices that are adaptable and accessible to absolutely anyone who is interested in exploring Yoga asana and philosophy, is perhaps the most meaningful intention I bring to teaching. I aim to create an environment where students are encouraged to cultivate skillful use of their mind and body through safe and effective flowing sequence, pranayama, reflection, and restorative posture. I think it is important to teach in a way that postures and practices are placed within the larger context and intention of Yoga practice-- as a lifelong endeavor of developing conscious awareness to live a meaningful, grateful life. I am so grateful to my students and the practice they share, the fortitude and grace they bring to the yoga mat.

Favorite YogaFit Memory

There are so many, it is hard to choose just one! Through YogaFit, I have had the opportunity and privilege to connect with so many incredible, inspiring people. This translates to countless memorable moments.

Happy Place

Anywhere with family and friends.