Jill Belongia

Jill Belongia

Russellville, Arkansas


ERYT 200

Other Credentials

Master Trainer with YogaFit since 2005 ACE Group Fitness Instructor Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Your Teaching Philosophy

Over the years, I have enjoyed working with a variety of students, from beginners to teachers-in-training, from those living with limitations to those who are athletes. Regardless of a person's abilities, I work to have all students leave each session feeling centered, quiet and at peace. I believe that each session should be accessible, challenging, and interesting to all in attendance. I hope to be a guide for my students on their journey to find a strong connection between body and mind. I wish for my students to leave their practice feeling healthier, stronger, and refreshed, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I hope to be able to help and inspire others through YogaFit trainings and by teaching using the YogaFit style

Favorite YogaFit Memory

My favorite YogaFit memory is the warm and fuzzy feeling that I got at the end of my first Level 1 YogaFit training in our group share circle. I could feel a sense of community and support that I have felt in YogaFit trainings many times since, but it changed my life that day!

Happy Place

My happy place is in the sunshine, close to water, with my family.