About Beth Shaw

Founder Beth Shaw

“Our health is our most valuable asset. Always."  
—Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw is the founder of YogaFit, Inc., the ground-breaking fitness education school that began in 1994 and is now the largest in the world. As one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the wellness space, Beth sits on several advisory boards and is a sought-after speaker at conferences, universities, and Fortune 500 companies, where she brings her unique brand of mindfulness to the workplace and the fitness world. 

A best-selling author, certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and fitness specialist, Beth has long been the media’s go-to expert. She’s been featured in numerous publications and on television, and in the movie Titans of Yoga. Her most recent books include Beth Shaw’s YogaFit, which has sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide; YogaLean; and The YogaFit Athlete.

Beth, a strong believer in giving back, is an active philanthropist who continues to put her time and money where her heart is. Among the many beneficiaries of her largesse include HSUS, the Animal Rights Museum, and Visionary Women in Fitness, a nonprofit organization she formed that awards scholarships to women all over the world. Under her direction, YogaFit has donated more than two million hours of community service and granted scholarships worth more than $1 million for free yoga trainings to those in need.

To learn more about Beth or to book her for an event or a consultation, please visit bethshaw.com