YogaFit Yoga Alliance Approved 200 RYT Program

Updated as of 3/4/2015

200 HR RYT ProgramRequirements for the YogaFit 200 Hour Yoga Fitness Instructor Training

The following Trainings comprise the fitness instructor trainings you are required to complete in order to qualify for YogaFit’s 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved Training Program. To ensure your request form is processed in a timely manner, please retain copies of your Certificates of Completion for each of the following mandatory training programs.

Mandatory program components:

  • Level 1
  • Level 1/Integration (retrain) OR YogaFit for Warriors
  • Review YogaFit's Level 1 DVD (supplied in Level 1 Training)
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Seniors
  • Anatomy and Alignment
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • One additional specialty training: Pre/Postnatal or Kids!
  • Two days of electives: you may choose from any 2 one-day trainings or you can take any of our two-day workshops.  However, you may not double dip for the 200 and 500 Hour Program (meaning you cannot count the same training for RYT 200 and 500).  You may use the same training for the 100 Hour Program.  For example, you may apply YogaFit for Warriors to your 200 Hour and 100 Hour, but not also to your 500 Hour.

*YogaProps is day 1 of Restorative. If you plan to take Restorative in the future, you may want to choose another One Day Workshop.

All of our fitness instructor trainings require homework and/or home study that include the remaining non-contact hours required by Yoga Alliance. In addition, the following must be turned in at the time you apply to YogaFit for RYT completion/approval.

Mandatory Homework – This will be assigned at your Level 4 Training:

  • One-Page regarding what you feel/think is the most important lesson presented in the Bhagavad Gita (p.58 Level 4 Manual).
  • One-Page identifying 3 Gita passages that each poetically express the essence of a sutra (p. 58 Level 4 Manual).

Click here to request your RYT-200 certificate online.  

Click here for detailed instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I have completed all required trainings, but haven't yet applied for my 200-hour RYT YA Certificate with YogaFit. What do I need to do?

Locate the Certificate Request Form in your Level 4 Manual. Fill it out and attach all required documents listed. If you are missing a certificate, but you know the date and city you took the training, just write that information in on the Certificate Request Form included in your Level 4 Manual.

2) Is a retrain of Level 3 still required?

No, but you are welcome to retrain Level 3 for the low retrain price of $149.00 (assuming your initial Level 3 training was taken within last 24 months).

3) I received my YogaFit Yoga Alliance 200-hour Certificate of Completion. What now?

The process to become a RYT is entirely web-based now, but still a simple endeavor. The following information will instruct you on how to become a Registered Yoga Teacher via Yoga Alliance’s website:

Once on the site, hover over the Credentialing link for the drop down menu and select How to Register. On this page there is an instructional video of the registration process. Below the video are the 6 steps necessary for RYT registration.

If at any point in the process you are in need of assistance, contact the Yoga Alliance directly at (888) 921-9642.

4) What is the difference between RYT and E-RYT?

200-hour RYT - RYT status is having completed a qualifying 200-hour YA program and become registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour RYT. RYT pertains to regular instructors. E-RYT - (Experienced RYT) is having completed everything necessary for RYT PLUS having taught for, at least, two years, AND, at least, 1000 hours AFTER having met the 200-hour RYT standards. This pertains to Teacher Trainers.

5) Hooray! I now have my RYT and want to know about what the CEU requirements are. Can you clarify this for me?

  • To receive credit toward contact hour CEUs, programs must be a minimum of two (2) hours in length
  • Contact CEUs must be instructed by one of the following:
  1. E-RYT 200 and 500; or
  2. RYT 500 ; or
  3. Instructors of Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Philosophy/ Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers must have equivalent training and experience in these topics (at least 100 hours of documented education and/or experience).

Existing CEU Requirements for Each Three Year Period, effective January 1, 2004, require that a RYT must:

  • Teach a minimum of 45 classroom hours of yoga.
  • Accumulate 30 Continuing Education Units including 10 contact CEUs.

YogaFit's Mosaic programs include workshops that qualify for Yoga Alliance CEUs.

6) Can I combine YogaFit Training hours with my training and workshop hours from other trainings to achieve my YA RYT 200 hour status. Is that still an option?

The RYT 200 Independent Study track option expired January 1, 2006. Since this date is passed, the Independent Study Track Option is no longer an option. Someone wanting to obtain RYT status must go through one Yoga Alliance approved school (RYS) and can not combine trainings for different schools.

7) What if I take my YogaFit trainings in multiple countries?

A training taken in any country will colletively count towards the same credential, as long as it is offered as an official YogaFit Teacher Training.