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Updated as of Dec. 1, 2014:

YogaFit® Yoga Therapy Program has applied for IAYT accreditation.

The process of accreditation has been a much longer process than we anticipated, but we want to assure you that we are continuing to pursue accreditation and will also introduce exciting new therapy opportunities, which we will announce in January.  We are certain that our Therapy program is unique and outstanding among programs. We pledge to stick with our unique format because we know it works for you - our trainees. Please stay tuned for updates and if you have questions you can direct them to therapy@yogafit.com.

The YogaFit® Therapy program draws from the rich traditions of ancient yoga and integrates them with cutting edge evidence based science to create a unique training program for educating and training Yoga Therapists. YogaFit®’s eclectical user-friendly approach to training yoga teachers and yoga therapists offers an empowering holistic program with a broad knowledge base and prepares the yoga therapist and/or health care practitioner to work with a wide variety of health concerns safely and effectively. YogaFit® is uniquely poised to prepare yoga therapists to work with clients/students of all ages and abilities in creating a positive healing environment for the body, mind and spirit. 


Requirements for Application & Admissions

Additional Required documents are noted in parentheses:

  • Completion of RYT 200  (copy of Yoga Alliance Certificate for RYT 200)
  • A minimum of  1 year Personal Practice of Yoga
  • Actively leading yoga classes (group/ private) with 1 year of teaching experience
  • Completed Application Form into YogaFit® Yoga Therapy Program (Application form)
  • Active Member of the Yoga Alliance (copy of card or membership number)
  • Active Member of the  International Association of Yoga Therapy (copy of card or membership number)
  • $150 Application/ Mentoring Fee


Bridge Program

Applicants who have not obtained their RYT-200 through the YogaFit® curriculum and would like to apply to the YogaFit® Yoga Therapy Program must contact the program director, and complete the YogaFit® Bridge Program.  The Bridge Program consists of the completion of YogaFit® Level One: Foundations, YogaFit® Level Two: Communication and YogaFit® Level 3: Introspection.  These courses must be taken prior to applying to the program.  (Certificates of completion must be submitted with above mentioned application requirements).


Application Process

Once pre-requisites have been met, each prospective student must fill out an application form.  Applications can be found online here

There is a $150 non-refundable application fee that is to be paid upon application submission.  Application fee will be paid via pay pal through the online application.

YogaFit® will confirm receipt of your application once the completed application and associated fees have been submitted.  When all materials have been received and reviewed, each student will be assigned a mentor for continual and consistent guidance throughout program.

Please feel free to be in touch with us if you have any questions, email us at therapy@yogafit.com



There are primary faculty members who will serve as mentors to each student as he/she moves through the program.  Upon successful completion of application and admission into the program, each student will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will act as a guide and primary contact throughout the duration of the program.  The mentor will maintain regular contact with the student, and the student will be expected to maintain contact with the assigned mentor.  If the mentor is unable to answer the student’s questions, it is the mentor’s responsibility to contact the program director for further directive.


Program Structure

The program draws from the extensive, authentic traditions of Yoga, along with recognized protocols and practices.  This program has been developed to meet the needs of Yoga teachers wishing to extend their scope of practice to become a Yoga Therapist, which in turn will enable teachers to provide professional, well qualified therapeutic yoga treatment and advice to the broader community.

The YogaFit® Yoga Therapy Program is delivered in non-residential, distant, online and self- directed components in order to achieve the full qualification of standards and competencies.  The program consists of 606 Contact hours and 394 non-contact hours, for a total of 1000 hours.  The 1000 hours includes the 163 hour practicum.  All required courses and hours must be completed successfully to acquire program completion.

The full qualification of the program is undertaken within a minimum of 3 years (36 months) to a maximum of 7 years (84 months).


Required Courses

  • Therapy 1
  • Therapy 2
  • Therapy 3
  • Anatomy 2
  • Ayurveda 1
  • Ayurveda 2
  • Pranayama
  • Restorative
  • Thai Energy (Kinetic and Energetic Touch for Healing)
  • YogaFit® for Balancing Mood
  • Yoga Lean / Mindful Eating (2 day)
  • YogaFit® for Warriors
  • Healing Emotional & Physical Trauma
  • Restorative Therapeutics
  • Transformational Meditation
  • Prenatal/ Postpartum Yoga
  • Sound & Mantra Therapy
  • Yoga and the Heart
  • Yoga and Diabetes
  • Biomedical Yoga
  • Yoga and Cancer/Caregivers
  • Yoga and Addiction/Recovery
  • Unveiling Consciousness
  • Positive Psychology & Yoga
  • Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga , Your Brain & Health- Dr. Jay Kumar
  • Leslie Kaminoff’s Anatomy Training
  • Whole Being Institute- Positive Psychology
  • Organization & Administration of Yoga Therapy
  • 163 Hours of Practicum


Course Venue

The majority of the contact hours for this program will be conducted in conjunction with the Mind Body Fitness Conferences or independent trainings.  YogaFit® will offer courses nationally and internationally.  This is done for the convenience of our students.  Course venues will vary depending upon time, date and host agreement. Other contact hours will be delivered via distance learning via conference call and/ or webinars.  Non-contact learning will also occur online and independently. To find a course nearest you- www.yogafit.com/trainings


Tuition and Fees/ Exchange of Services

The student agrees to pay YogaFit® the total of stated tuition and fees.  Payment of all money shall be a condition of continuing enrollment.  Upon satisfactory completion of all academic and skill requirements, and when all financial obligations to school have been met, the school will award a certificate of completion for the YogaFit® Yoga Therapy Training to the student. 

The cost of this program will include the following:

Application/ Mentor Fee


Course Tuition

Training type

Cost per training

Number of trainings


1 day training




2 day training




3 day training




4 day training





Specialty Course Tuition


Whole Being Institute – Positive Psychology online Course (must use YogaFit® coupon code) Register & more info here (use code yogafit4life)


Online Anatomy Training with Leslie Kaminoff (must register through YogaFit®)

Please enquire for special pricing for YogaFit students (info@yogafit.com).

Jay Kumar’s Yoga, Your Brain and Health (must register through YogaFit®-held at MBF’s)


Yoga Philosophy with Kristen Mabry


Practicum Mentoring Fee





** Payment in full constitutes a 10% discount 

** YogaFit® may also hold YogaFit® Therapy Intensives which would affect the individual costs of the training.  This  does not reflect any early bird pricing.  


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