Current YogaFit® 500 hour RYT program:

  • Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT                                     
  • Anatomy and Alignment II                                             
  • Yoga Therapy I                                                                    
  • Yoga Therapy II                                                                    
  • Restorative                                                                                                                                         
  • Ayurveda I                                                                   
  • Pranayama
  • Pre/Postnatal or Kids (Whichever one NOT already credited in YF 200 RYT)  
  • Advanced Yoga Intensive or YogaFit Retreat (will count as indicated on retreat page and the specific number of days will be listed on the certificate for the retreat/intensive)
    Combination of 14 days selected from *ODW’s and 2-day Trainings (replaces Level 4 retrain)—can be a combination of *ODW’s, 2-day trainings or retreats

*ODW= One Day Workshop

One Day Workshop’s (Not already taken in YogaFit® 200 RYT):

  • Transformational Meditation           
  • YogaFit Sweat                                
  • YogaLean                                      
  • YogaLean II                          
  • Thai Energy         
  • Chakras                             
  • Mommy & Baby                              
  • Props  
  • YogaFit for the Change: From PMS to Menopause                  


Two Day Trainings

  • Therapy III                                                                           
  • Ayurveda II                                                                          
  • YogaFit for Warriors                                                          
  • Restorative Therapeutics                                                 
  • Healing Physical & Emotional Trauma                            
  • Sound and Mantra Therapy                                             
  • YogaFit® for Balancing Mood (formerly Mental Health)    

NEW! You can now take any of our two day workshops and use that towards the two ODW requirement.  However, you may not double dip for the 200 and 500 Hour Program.  You may use the same training for the 100 Hour Program.  For example, you may apply YogaFit for Warriors to your 200 Hour and 100 Hour, but not also to your 500 Hour.

Please note:

  • Therapy I is not a pre-requisite for Therapy II
  • Level 4 Retrain is no longer an option, but will be accepted for a limited time for those that have already taken the Level 4 retrain as part of the old requirements.


Graduates of ALL non-YogaFit® 200 hour RYT programs:

Must attend these trainings in addition to the requirements listed above


  • YogaFit® Level 1                                                                         
  • YogaFit® Anatomy and Alignment                                           


Click here to download the RYT 500 Certificate Request Form

*In order to further your registry process, please access Yoga Alliance’s website, sign into your account and follow the process to upgrade your RYT status and edit your profile. On the CREDENTIALING page of the YA site, there is an instructional video of the registration process and listed below this video are the 6 steps to register or update your RYT status. If at any point in the process you are in need of assistance, contact the Yoga Alliance at (888) 921-9642.