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Register Now!: 100 Hr Warrior Program

100 Hr warrior program



100 Hour YogaFit Warriors Program

YogaFit® for Warriors will help Yoga Teachers gain a deeper understanding of exactly how trauma gets stored in the body through the central nervous system and which yoga postures, breathing methods and meditation practices are particularly effective at releasing physical and emotional trauma at the autonomic level. Additionally, trainees will understand what Post Traumatic Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury  is from a physical standpoint in the body and why slower movement in a yoga class is important to activate the natural healing mechanism that can help to reset the nerve impulses and unresolved tension being held within the body and the brain. Fitness professionals will learn to develop a yoga class that helps students to free troubling emotions, persevering thoughts patterns, chronic somatic tension and hyper vigilance in military personnel, emergency responders, and others who suffer from emotional or physical trauma.

"Not another Yoga training session! Finally a class that is designed to address the stressors and traumas that are unique to our military community. During the class, participants utilize specific postures and breathing techniques to release undisclosed issues that medicines will never cure. For some, the only way to heal is tread lightly and peacefully through the pain in a safe environment. This class and others like it are needed to help our community become more resilient and aware of our own inner strength to overcome our deepest fears and regrets. I recommend YogaFit for Warriors for all who have served and their families", MAJ, USARMY

YogaFit is now approved for the GI Bill through their Licensing and Certification Program.  Email Warrior@yogafit.com for more information. 

Important Links
Read more about our Warriors Program here
Click here for a Power Point Presentation to share with others
Shining Service Makeover Mission

YogaFit for Warriors: 5 Tips for Soldiers and Civilians to Wage War on Stress 

Can yoga play a role in the social psychiatric treatment of PTSD?
Effects of Yoga on the Nervous system
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Research in Integrative Medicine at the Department of Defense: Generating Quality Research to Promote Healing

As a reminder there are 5 required courses to receive your Warriors 100 hour Certificate:

  1. Level 1
  2. YogaFit for Warriors (PTSD) 
  3. Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma
  4. YogaFit for Balancing Mood (Formerly Mental Health)
  5. Restorative Therapeutics


 Join us for our first Warriors Conference in Orlando, FL - Nov 9-12, 2015.

To apply for a scholarship for any of our Warriors trainings, please click here.  We will award at least one scholarship for each Warriors Training. 




"Yoga for Warriors: There are hardly words to describe how I felt during & after this amazing training. Attaining more knowledge of PTSD, stress, anxiety, trauma  & triggers was captivating. The practice sessions were enlightening & immensely enjoyable. So much valuable information that can not
only be used for enhancing my yoga practice & teaching , but for reference to everyday life. Meeting all of you has also touched & enriched my life. Thank you all for sharing your life experiences. A special thanks to Shaye & Millie for making this all such a positive experience & event.
Peace be with you all,

NEW! You can now take any of our two day workshops and use that towards the two ODW requirement.  However, you may not double dip for the 200 and 500 Hour Program.  You may use the same training for the 100 Hour Program.  For example, you may apply YogaFit for Warriors to your 200 Hour and 100 Hour, but not also to your 500 Hour.

More information:

1) YogaFit for Warriors is now an option for the 200 hour RYT path  - it can be used in place of Level 1 retrain 

2) YogaFit for Warriors (PTSD) course can be taken without Level 1 (but still recommended). However, Level 1 is still mandatory for Warriors Program certification. 

3) All of the Warriors classes (80 hours) can be used towards the 500 Therapy RYT

4) Have you completed the Warriors track of trainings? Click here for Certificate Request Information.  

5) Click here for a VA Verification Letter.  Please print and bring to your training for the Trainer to sign.

6) Click here for information regarding reimbursement from the VA for YogaFit trainings. 

Please email Shaye Molendyke at warrior@yogafit.com if you have any questions about Warriors trainings, MyCAA, or GI Bill.




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