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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more
Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more.

Latest News

Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more

YogaFit and Indoboard Take Yoga to the Next Level

Monday, April 7, 2014

Media Contact:

Stephen Stapczynski/PR@YogaFit.com                               

For Immediate Release

April 7, 2014

YogaFit and Indoboard Take Yoga to the Next Level

LOS ANGELES – YogaFit® Training Systems Worldwide proudly announces its ongoing partnership with Indo Board, with the release of the revolutionary Indo YogaFit® Balance Board. YogaFit® and Indo Board have partnered to also create a certification program and regime of classes for this incredibly innovative piece of equipment that introduces a whole new system of practicing yoga.

The Original Indo Board was created in 1998 from a love and passion for surfing, and a desire to take balance training to the next level. Originally designed to train surfers out of the water, Hunter Joslin, the Founder of Indo Board, soon discovered from his growing cadre of loyal Indo Board fans, that the apparatus was much more than a surfing simulator. Users reported increased leg strength and core fitness while experiencing a high degree of entertainment and fun when using the Indo Board.

YogaFit® is excited to bring the world’s best-known balance board to the yoga community. The Indo YogaFit Balance Board offers a challenging workout that is attainable by any level of yogi, yet still offers an intense core workout based in balance and strength training. The Indo YogaFit® Board was inspired by SUP Yoga (Stand up Paddleboard Yoga), which has exploded in popularity. The Indo YogaFit® Balance Board allows fans of SUP Yoga and those landlocked with no access to a body of water, to enjoy the same type of workout they would get on a paddleboard.

“As the largest yoga school in North America YogaFit® prides ourselves on bringing new trends and exciting products to the marketplace,” explains Beth Shaw, founder of YogaFit®. “We are beyond excited to bring this new technology to the YogaFit® network and to the world. The Indo Yoga Board is a great product and many will find its value added to their workout and yoga program”

The Indo YogaFit® Balance Board has been tested by hundreds of Yogis who now endorse its strength and balance-based yoga workout. Designed to allow varying levels of instability to change the difficulty, yogis that have tested the board agree that it is the perfect accessory to revitalize any stale fitness routine.

The Yoga Balance board already made waves in the yoga community when Jared McCann, World Yoga Asana Champion, marveled about how it had seriously increased his arm stand strength, after winning the World Championship this past June. Indo Board and YogaFit® look forward to the furthering impact that this new piece of equipment will have. 

The Indo YogaFit® Board can be purchased online at http://indoboard.com/yoga-board

Register for classes at http://www.yogafit.com/trainings/trainings/?type=Indo+YogaFit+Balance+Board+Training&state=

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