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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more.

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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more

Restorative Pose Of The Month - Child's pose (Balasana)

Sunday, April 27, 2014
Child's pose (Balasana)
Set Up: placing a single block at desired height under far end of bolster, then, adding a folded blanket or two at the other end of the bolster on the floor. Kneeling on blankets, begin sinking hips back towards heels and allow your chest to rest on the bolster. We can turn our heads to the left or right, or, use an eye pillow or rolled up blanket under forehead to keep the head forward in a neutral position. 
Options: when caring for knees, straighten legs out to a seated straddle instead. The essence of this posture is in the forward fold with the head above the heart. 
Chakra: calms Chakra 1, gradually. 
Dosha: although this calms the earth energy in the hips and groin, it is also quite calming for Chakra 6, Vata or air energy. The gradual incline of the head allows the mind and Vata energy to slow down at a passive pace. 
Mantra: I allow myself to embrace life. 
Breathing (Pranayama): 3-Part Breath. Breathing down into the hips, up to the mid-back and ribs, then across the shoulders and behind the heart. 
Visual (Creative Visualization): Seeing ourselves embraced by a golden light, bathing over our bodies, stripping away residual and stirring up stagnant energy. As we allow this light to feed our transcendent energy, we are nurtured in this peaceful place of rest.
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