YogaFit: Setting the Standard in Yoga Therapy Education and Certification

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Yoga Therapy is a rewarding new career field allowing individuals to combine their passions for holistic wellness and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit with their love of serving others.
YogaFit is proud to be building a new educational track that will put you on course to become a credentialed and experienced Yoga healing professional. The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) has officially finalized the educational and accreditation standards for those wishing to become professional Yoga Therapists.
YogaFit, always an innovator, is a Supporting School Member of IAYT and played a large role in the shaping of the standards for this new profession.
In lieu of these great updates, YogaFit is expanding our Yoga Therapy education system from 300 course hours to the required 800-hour curriculum so we can fully accommodate any aspiring Yoga Therapists.
YogaFit has worked diligently to create a training program as well received as it’s current schedule of certification and educational programs. The same standards you’ve become accustomed to from YogaFit level 1 trainings and courses are all prevalent in these new courses. This new curriculum is sure to be informative above all, but also flexible, innovative, and transformative for all those involved.
YogaFit’s newest Yoga Thereapy program will include 800 hours of training (including 150 practicum hours) over a two-year period. For admission, the completion of your 200-hour RYT and one year of teaching is required. The IAYT educational standards also specify 650 hours of training to be dedicated to the foundational knowledge of ancient yogic philosophy and Ayurveda, as well as an understanding of modern health care, psychology, business principles and ethics.
Beyond these core 650 hours, you’ll be able to tailor your educational needs to match your professional aspirations of working on a specific condition.
Here is an overview of the IAYT content standards and the core of your YogaFit Therapy Program. YogaFit is committed to exceeding the IAYT educational standards by offering options along your educational path. You may graduate as a specialist in Ayurveda, Mental Health (including Positive Psychology), Musculoskeletal and Movement Therapeutics and other tracks. YogaFit is currently in the process of developing therapeutic courses for treatment including Cancer & lifestyle diseases. As the program grows and develops, YogaFit will adapt and add new courses and educational systems so we can make sure you can do anything you desire with your Yoga Therapy certification in the workplace.
YogaFit’s newest program is all about giving you the tools and education to excell in this quickly growing industry. In line with YogaFit’s current vast course offerings, your Yoga Therapy training will be taught from the most recent and developed therapy research, while providing you with information about it’s newest applications and functions.
Meet some of your YogaFit Therapy Leadership Team and Master Trainers here.
YogaFit will be updating information for our Yoga Therapy program shortly so please check back. We will attending the meeting of Sponsorship Schools at IATY SYTAR in Boston June 11-16, 2013. 
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