Yoga for Weightlifters!

Monday, September 23, 2013


Using yoga to flush out excess lactic acid will reduce your chances of experiencing any 

soreness and stiffness that can make your next weight workout much more challenging.

There are two very specific schools of thought for incorporating a series of simple, do–

anywhere yoga postures onto your regular weight lifting routine. 

1) Perform several yoga-type stretches in between sets to increase flexibility and 

flush out lactic acid from hard-working muscles.

a. With a yoga stretch, you may hold a pose for as long a minute (or longer), 

which will add more rest and repair time for your muscles. If you only 

take 30 seconds in between sets, hold one pose for that length of time!  

This static rest teaches your muscles to contract for longer periods, 

which improves your overall muscular endurance. Holding yoga-style 

contraction in between resistance exercises can actually help your 

muscles prepare for the next set.

2) Integrate a yoga class or DVD onto your weekly exercise schedule to promote 

balance to your major muscle groups.

a. Time to stretch out all major muscle groups in the body.  It will provide 

much needed flexibility to compliment the strength training.  If it 

is a more restorative class it will provide an opportunity for muscle 

rejuvenation and restoration.  And mentally it will help provide calming 

and relaxation from the heavy lifting in the gym and in life.

Daily Motivation: Even when a certain yoga pose stretches your muscle fibers, it also 

strengthens your joint connections simultaneously, so yoga postures help increase 

blood flow and oxygen into and through your muscles, washing out excess lactic acid 

and improving your overall circulation.  

Suggested Stretches and Poses: 

Standing Backbend

Standing Lateral Flexion

Warrior I and II series

Big TOE Hold 

Seated Spinal Twist

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