Yoga for Walkers and Joggers

Friday, July 19, 2013

There are some great ways to cool down after a long walk or job. You can use several yoga stretches to assure that you won't be sore or tight the following day. Here are some great examples of yoga poses for your post-run cool down:

  1. Lying Down Knees to Chest :  Stabilizes back muscles, neutralizes spine, relives low back tension and corrects lordosis.  Lying down on floor face up ˆ bring knees to chest take at least 15 deep breathes ˆ hug knees to chest ˆ grab hands , wrists  or elbows underneath knees.
  2. Lying down Spinal Twist ˆ lying down face up from Knees to Chest position extend left leg straight. Bring right knee over to left  side of body. Look over right shoulder. Breathe into low back ˆ gently twist ˆ repeat and do other side.
  3. Big toe hold pose- lying down face up ˆ bring left foot to floor grab right big toe with right hand ˆ extend leg straight bring head up to meet knee ˆ repeat on other side
  4. Upside Down Pigeon ˆ From Knees to Chest  Bring right foot across left thigh. Gently pull left knee towards body ˆ push right knee away .repeat other side. Stretches hips 
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