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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more.

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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more

Yoga for Cyclists

Monday, December 12, 2011


Since blending yoga and fitness is what we do best, all of us here at YogaFit understand the importance of including cardiovascular conditioning into a regular exercise routine. While bicycling, or any type of cycling, is an excellent form of cardio, it often leaves the participant with tightness, aches and sometimes even pain. A consistent sport related yoga program could help alleviate many of these symptoms; including lower back pain, trapezious stress and tight hamstrings and quadriceps.
Repetitive cycling forces the body in long periods of forward flexion, similar to sitting at a desk for long hours or driving a car.  However due to the work involved there becomes the additional problem of a tightening in the muscle groups of the lower body, quads, hamstrings and gluteus.
Yoga Poses provide us with an opening in these areas.  The following are a list of poses that will balance the body and reduce the risk of injury:

1.    Chest Expansions and Cobra Pose to expand and open up chest and shoulder muscles

2.    Quad Stretch to open and stretch your quadriceps muscles

3.    Upside Down Pigeon Pose to stretch your hip abductors and glutes

4.    Forward Fold to stretch out your hamstring muscles

5.    Lateral Flexion to open up the sides, or lats, of the body

All of these poses and more can also be found on the YogaFit for Cyclists DVD, an hour long workout that focuses on reducing stress and pain in the lower back, increasing flexibility in the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps all while building a stronger core and balancing your body.

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