No Limits

Friday, April 1, 2011


“No limits are set to the ascent of your being, open to each and everyone the highest stands open. Here it is only your personal choice the decides. Mankind is a ladder placed on the earth and the top of it touches the Heavens. All movements and doings leave traces in the upper world”    -Hasidic Proverb
At YogaFit we are committed to the growth of both the individual and raising the consciousness globally. In every level of training we have built in personal growth mechanisms- This is what keeps us all coming back for more – Our innate desire to grow, change and transform and be the best we can be as human beings.
I am so proud to say this mindset is reflected by YogaFit’s strong corporate staff and our incredible Master Trainers in the field. What a blessing to be surrounded by individuals who want to be their best and want the same for YogaFit.
As YogaFit moves into more international markets we find the same common thread among people everywhere. The desire for peace, calm, safety and self actualization.
In the coming months you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of New programs- Yoga Lean, Level Six and many levels of Yoga Fitness Therapy – the 300 hour program.  April brings us working closely with Government officials to strength the health of our Nation as YogaFit works with the Presidents Fitness Council, the AARP and a stronger involvement with the American Council on Exercise.
May we all continue to rise and leave traces in the upper world, our inner world and our daily world. I hope to see you all on the path….
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