Jump Moments

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A JUMP moment is an opportunity for major growth, change, and transformation.
-Beth Shaw
If we are lucky, we are able to count our JUMP moments on both hands, as JUMP moments don’t come around very often. While a jump seems like a fall or descent, it actually takes us to the next level, as it requires courage and trust often.  And if we miss them by not jumping, they can lead us into depression, anxiety, and addiction. We regret not jumping off the cliff metaphorically, not taking a chance.
“Jump and Jump Often, Jump with your heart and soul, let your inner knowing be your guide” -Beth Shaw
So In 1989 I moved to from NYC to Los Angeles, I knew no one…including myself.  California has allowed me the space to explore, to dabble, and to engage in spiritual pursuits. I would not have had them in New York, this I know.
My father’s fifth wife, Cara, a delightful Italian woman once told me that we regret the things we have not done in life more than the things we have done. I agree wholeheartedly and find this to be so true. Leaving New York, my home, leaving my then boyfriend of eight years, required a tremendous amount of trust and courage but I was driven by a force greater than myself.
Often times in life I have felt like I am just going along for the ride and certainly not driving the car. The Universe has a special plan for me; and I just need to keep getting with the program. And keep getting out of my own way… Again and again and again.
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