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Monday, February 21, 2011


Lessons From The Mat ™ , Beth Shaw
The sun is setting over Los Angeles as I look out over the ocean, the mountains, and the city. I would never have  envisioned that when I moved to California over twenty years ago, that I would be here. I would never have imagined a more inspirational career and positive life path.  I have been a lifelong student of health, psychology, and philosophy and to do what I do for “work,” is a blessing and a daily inspiration.
Not to mention a huge responsibility.
YogaFit – a yoga company – not just any company, but the largest Yoga School in the world.  A company based on karma yoga, giving back. A company that I birthed over seventeen years ago and a company that I have dedicated my life to growing and protecting. This is a tale of betrayal, conflict and hope. These are the LESSONS I have learned as I built a multi-million dollar business that originated in my living room.
May you use this as a guidebook to navigate on your own personal path.
May it inspire you and allow you to cultivate and appreciate  your own lessons along the way.
Yoga and business are on opposite ends of the spectrum; and my continued work is to join them.
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