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Thursday, March 10, 2011


YogaFit’s plate is full with international business, new programs, and many new exciting events.
Personally, I am writing my book which has taken some very sudden and unexpected turns – as life does …..
I had a Vedic Reading again today with LA’s Vedic Reader. Along with it being very affirming for my direction in life, and gaining the knowledge that I should have been a doctor …( somehow I knew that ), I found out the year that I will leave this earth plane.  I will be 89.
Which means I am officially middle age… but what if fate stepped in and took me next year?
What Legacy would I be leaving?
This thought process has inspired me to create Level 6 – Legacy – a training that Mahan Khalsa, my Kundalini Teacher, and I will lead.
It will include intense journaling, writing, pranayama, YogaFit Sweat classes, and Kundalini yoga; designed to heal addictions, create shifts, transcend life issues, and create the space for you to leave your desired legacy.
The first test training will happen August 26-28, 2011 in Palm Springs, CA. We will be accepting applications; saving space for 20 Spirits who wish to do the work while they still can. Applicants, please be over 30 years old and have already taken Levels 1-5.
All interested parties should email
1. What do you want to be remembered for ?
2. What is stopping you from achieving your goal ?
3. How will you get there ?
Namaste Everyone.
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