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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more.

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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more

YogaFit For Warriors Commonly Asked Questions

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

By Shaye Molendyke, author of YogaFit For Warriors
Warriors continues to gain huge momentum and new trainings are being added weekly not only here in the US but abroad so make sure you keep checking the website for updates!
Here are the answers to the top questions I get about Warriors:
1. There are 5 workshops to complete the Warrrios 100 hr Program to inlcude Level 1, do I have to retake Level 1 if I already did it for my 200 hr RYT?
NO, you can double count that course so you would not have to retake it.
2. Do the Warriors classes count towards my 200 hr RYT?
Two of them do - Level 1 of course and then Warriors itself which can be used in place of your Level 1 retrain or 2 One Day Workshops (ODW). However, the rest of the courses DO count towsards your 500 hr RYT and/or 1000 hr Therapists program.
3. Is there a particular order that you have to take the Warriors courses in?
No, we have removed ALL prerequisites for the 4 core courses which now allows anyone interested in the training (not just yoga teachers) to attend - we have had strong interest from the medical and mental health communities and they are increasingly coming to trainings as the importance of somatic-focused healing modaltities are being proven by research.
4. Who is this program for?
EVERYONE! as we continue to witness suffering through traumatic events in the world around us we realize they are being processed WITHIN us as well and no one is immune from that suffering. I have had people attend trainings that come for their own healing and also to help others they work with - all reasons are valid and also the main reason we opened up the trainings to anyone who was interested.
5. Who can apply for the scholarship for a 2 day Warriors?
Anyone who is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran.
For inquiries into the Warriors program email warrior@yogafit.com
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