5 Tips for Keeping to Your Diet on Vacation

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
When we travel, it's easy to fall for fast food, and unhealthy options based on convenience. On vacation, we often times throw our diet to the wind and eat and drink whatever is available, or local. It's important when we travel to remember that in just a few days we'll be back in the real world, and you don't want to lose any diet or fitness momentum you had gained leading up to vacation. Here are 5 tips from Fitness expert Beth Shaw, that will keep you slim on Vacation:
1. Always make sure to pack snacks from home for the plane, car rides, or any long trip. Try snacks like boiled eggs, carrots,apples, tuna in bag, protein drinks. This will help to make sure you don't buy junk food or other unhealthy options.
2. Make sure to stay at a location with a gym, or a room big enough for your fitness routine or yoga practice. Having a gym at your disposal makes it way easier to stay on track. If you can't find a hotel with a gym, try to find a hotel or accommodations that are within walking distance to the attractions you'll be seeing.
3. Take your favorite workout CDs or DVDs with you. Play them on your laptop in your room and practice there. Fitness CDs can make great motivators and are an excellent tool to keep you on track when you're out of your usual gym-zone.
4. When you go out to eat, order healthy options, or side items to make sure you're intaking only the calories you want, and not splurging just because you're away from home. This also helps with portion control as restaurants often serve larger portions than you would at home, so  by ordering side items you can avoid the gigantic portions that would have you gaining. 
5. Always remember that fitness can be done anywhere! You can even do some yoga poses in the car, or on the plane, especially breathing and meditation exercises that will keep you in that fitness state of mind. 
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