3 Tips for Your Winter Workout

Friday, November 15, 2013
2. Try a different warm-up.  Try a few Yogafit warm-up  poses prior to going out for a run, or winter workout.  Chair, knees to chest, and bridge are all great warm up poses. Yoga is great for added flexibility, which is important in winter when muscles are prone to be tight and stiff from low temperatures and dwindling activity. Remember to also start your workout off very slowly and continue at a slower than usual pace and run for double the period of time. When returning from your run make sure you walk as a cool down and then to the Yogafit cool-down. In the winter  months it's almost more important to make sure you're properly warmed up and stretched out than anything else- as the cold can aggravate injuries and make it a lot more challenging to get into a warm state of being.
3. Remember to eat right!  You cannot do enough eating right during the germy cold months. It's key to ingest foods that will keep your immune system boosted and awake. Try drinking green tea, and be sure to ingest organic fruits and vegtables. Other great immunity-boosting foods include, garlic and avocado. Try to make sure to stay away from sugars as it has been shown to diminish the body's ability to fight sickness.
Use these tips to make your winter fitness program enjoyable and productive!
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