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Read up on our latest press releases, news articles, and more.

About Yogafit: The Team

Learn more about the yogafit culture and what we do here!

Dr. Daniel Bressler
Dr. Daniel Bressler
Dr. Daniel Bressler is a Harvard-trained Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist who has been practicing medicine in San Diego for 27 years. His private practice blends mainstream medicine with nutritional, alternative and complementary approaches. He teaches residents and medical students, lectures locally and nationally, and is an Associate Clinical Professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine. He is a practitioner of Yoga and an enthusiastic advocate of its broad therapeutic effects on body, mind and spirit.
Lone Thanning, M.D., F.C.A.P., FACFE, DABFM
Lone Thanning, M.D., F.C.A.P., FACFE, DABFM
Dr. Thanning is a Board Certified Anatomic and Forensic Pathologist. In 2003, she was appointed Chief Medical Examiner of the Rockland County Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. She is a Life Fellow and Board Member of The American College of Forensic Examiners and a Life Fellow of the International Society of Police Surgeons. She is also a Fellow of The College of American Pathologists, a Diplomate of The American Board of Forensic Examiners (FACFE), and a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Medicine (DABFM). Dr. Thanning was appointed and served as the Director of The Forensic Examination Program during the year 2000, was Head of the Faculty; and Associate Professor at Touro College, School of Health Sciences. She had recently lectured in the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of Law. From 1997-1999, Dr. Thanning has also headed and served as Chairperson and Chair Emertitus of The Advisory Board for Professional Standards; The American Board of Forensic Medicine.

She was selected Subcommittee Chairperson of the Continuing Education Committee (CEC ), (DABFM), and has been a Peer Reviewer, serving on the Editorial Board, of The Forensic Examiner, the Official Journal of the ACFE, for several years.

With a background in Internal Medicine from her native country, Denmark, as well as from Sweden, Dr. Thanning has lectured and published both Nationally and Internationally. She received additional postgraduate education in Anatomic Pathology from The State University of New York at Stony Brook and as Fellow, Assistant and Deputy Medical Examiner, Nassau and Onondaga Counties, New York. She held a Government Appointment, appointed by the Health Commissioner, in Syracuse, New York, 1994; where she was in charge of the daily operation of the Medical Examiner's Office.

A private Practitioner and Litigation Consultant in Forensic Pathology since 1988, Dr. Thanning is the Director and Founder of Forensic Medical Consulting of N.Y., P.C. located in Huntington, Long Island. She has been a New York State resident since 1983. Her medico-legal consulting activities span across the United States as well as abroad.

Dr. Thanning is a renowned expert witness in the New York Metropolitan area, where she is a preferred witness for a number of New York City and State Agencies.
Dr. Lorene Hiris
Dr. Lorene Hiris
Lorene Hiris teaches courses in managerial finance, investments, and international financial markets. She teaches both on campus and at the corporate headquarters of university affiliated MBA programs. She is a recipient of the Newton Award for Teaching Excellence, the highest award LIU bestows for teaching. She has also served as Chair of the Department of Finance. Professor Hiris is regularly invited to offer seminars at the Vienna University of Business and Economics on business cycles and international finance. Her research affiliation as Senior Research Scholar is with the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) where she has often contributed to their publications, U.S. Cyclical Outlook and International Cyclical Outlook. Her articles have been published in the International Journal of Forecasting, International Review of Financial Analysis, and in Research Strategies and as book chapters and conference proceedings. She has co-authored papers analyzing how ethics-related issues are addressed in CEO letters to shareholders. Dr. Hiris is the author of Above the Board: How Ethical CEOs Create Honest Corporations, co-authored with Patrizia Porrini and Gina Poncini. Her areas of specialty include Business Cycles, Leading Indicators, International Financial Markets, and business ethics.
Heidi Dix
Heidi Dix
Heidi has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. She has her BA in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine and Masters in Education from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. As a Licensed Athletic Trainer, Heidi has served as a clinical athletic trainer at various hospitals and colleges. While working as an athletic trainer in the collegiate setting- she also was a lecturer for Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, First Aid/ CPR and Bio-Medical Aspects of Athletic Training. From 2007-2013 Heidi served as an Outreach Wellness/ therapeutic yoga specialist at a medical hospital in Wisconsin Rapids. She is also a group exercise instructor with the American Council on Exercise and maintains her E-RTY500 with Yoga Alliance. Yoga has provided Heidi with a sense of peace and balance to her own life, and given her the opportunity to share yoga with others so that they too can experience personal transformation. She firmly believes that whether you are an elite athlete, senior or child - yoga empowers all people in all walks of life to optimize their own health and well-being.
Henry Petersen
Henry Petersen
Henry Petersen is an Associate Professor at Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, Alliant International University where he researches, teaches and consults in the areas of strategic management and sustainable development. His expertise stems from his scholastic record as well as having experience as a business owner/operator and consultant. His recent publication with H. Vredenburg in the Journal Corporate Governance, won the '2010 Highly Commended Award' from the Emerald Literati Network. Dr. Petersen has a Ph.D. in Strategy, and Sustainable Development, a Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Management and a Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology (CMMBI) and Zoology.
Shonna Porter
Shonna Porter
Shonna has a B.A. in Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and Nutrition, and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the Aquatics Exercise Association (AEA) and is a member of the American Counselors Association (AEA). She has been teaching group exercise and personal training for over 18 years, has been a YogaFit trained yoga instructor for ten years and has lectured extensively on wellness related topics all over the U.S. In addition, Shonna currently maintains a private counseling practice. Shonna's simple, focused and effective approach to incorporate wellbeing into everyday life, has helped hundreds of clients improve the quality of their life, break free from emotional disease and attain lifelong health and wellness goals.
Chakrapani Ullal
Chakrapani Ullal
As a distinguished astrologer with many accolades both from America and his native India, Chakrapani brings a depth of insights gained from 50 years of experiences working with thousands of clients. His intuitive grasp of the energies indicated by the planets in the horoscope have resulted in a reputation for profound and remarkable readings. His unique perception combined with his signature gentle humor and kind manners have earned him the trust and affection of a broad roster of high-profile clients.
Abby Hirsch
Abby Hirsch
Internationally experienced media professional, print and broadcast journalist. Articles for The Wall Street Journal Europe, The International Herald Tribune, The New York Post, The New York Observer, Cottage Living Magazine and many other publications. Her Broadcast experience includes segments for ABC-TV Prime Time Live, Washington Post/Newsweek syndicate, The Tribune Company. She is the author of a number of non-fiction books. Her Pro Bono work includes The Harlem After School Reading Project, Gala Committee for Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Founder of the Woman's Spirit of Adventure Awards, Big Brother Big Sister Volunteer events. Board member The Talleyrand in Paris France and Advisory Board of Forum-21 a global conference about Civil Society
Eric Durak
Eric Durak
Eric Durak is the President of Medical Health & Fitness in Santa Barbara, California. He is one of the nation's leading clinical Exercise Physiologists and Health Educators - logging thousands of hours in health and fitness training, body work, and rehabilitation. Eric has 25 years of educational instruction at the college level, and over 150 national /international conference presentations. Eric has served as a consultant to many top CEU agencies in the health and fitness profession. He is also the Director of the Cancer Wellness and Exercise Medicine CEU programs. Eric is the author of 24 books relating to health care, fitness and wellness. He has published scientific articles in medical journals such as - Diabetes Care, The International Journal of Sports Medicine, Journal of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Journal of Perinatology.
Brandy Donovan
Brandy Donovan
Brandy has been in the fitness industry for over 11 years. She has owned three exercise studios during that time focusing on yoga, pilates, gyrotonic, hoop dance and spinning. She began her training with Yogafit in 2006 while living in CO. She earned her BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from VA Tech in 1992 and sought a BS in Nursing from University of Hawaii. Brandy is currently working on her 500 RYT focusing on Therapeutic Yoga through YogaFit.
Joan VanderSchaaf, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC, E-RYT
Joan VanderSchaaf, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC, E-RYT
Joan is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who maintains her psychotherapy private practice and yoga studio in the Orlando area. Joan works with individuals, couples and groups, specializing in chronic mental illness, mood/adjustment disorders, career counseling, and life coaching. Joan received her RYT at the 200-hour level through Yogafit and continues to teach yoga primarily as a therapeutic modality. Joan received her Doctorate in Counselor Education & Supervision and her Dissertation/research focus was: Integrating Yoga and Psychotherapy. As a Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, Joan integrates personality-type theory in counseling, training workshops and group work, education, and clinical supervision.
Dr. Jay Kumar
Dr. Jay Kumar
Dr. Jay Kumar is recognized as one of the leading experts in the fields of personal health and happiness. Dr. Jay is the creator of Brain, Body & Being, a highly-effective, easy-to-learn and scientifically proven set of tools that promote peace of mind, centeredness, vitality, health and well-being. A frequent speaker on health, happiness and personal transformation, Dr. Jay has led workshops and retreats on four continents and reaches a weekly audience of over 3 million listeners as a regular guest on the nationally-syndicated Doug Stephan Good Day Show. Dr. Jay is a professor at Loyola Marymount University and Chapman University whose popular courses on Happiness: Its Scientific & Spiritual Foundations, Contemplative Neuroscience and Yoga and the Brain empower his students to experience deeper meaning, purpose and inspiration. His e-book Five Secrets for Achieving Authentic Health & Happiness is available online. Learn more by visiting http://www.drjaykumar.com/
M. Esra Cavusoglu, MS, CASAC, CAC
M. Esra Cavusoglu, MS, CASAC, CAC
Esra Cavusoglu is the senior advisor of the Oya Bahadir Yuksel Rehabilitation Center in Gaziantep, Turkey. In this capacity, she designed and implemented the Turkey Model of Rehabilitation, which has become the standard in the country. Previously, she served for two years as Vice President of Operations of the Gaziantep Center, collaborating with key Turkish government and health consultancy officials.

Presently she advises Turkish Ministry of Social Policies and Family, work closely with the Minister and develops programs for child protective services.

Ms. Cavusoglu has trained in the United States and internationally.

She is on the Clinical Advisory Board of the Yale University School of Medicine and the Advisor for International development, Yale Program on supervision.

She interned at the Caron Treatment Center in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, on the young adult male and relapse prevention unit, and completed an internship at the St Luke's-Roosevelt hospital's Addiction Institute of New York where she conducted individual and group counseling sessions.

Currently she is Chair of the Middle East Certification Board, a member of the Asia Pacific Certification Board, a psychotherapist and a certified addiction counselor in the State of New York.
Ms. Cavusoglu has published articles on addiction treatment in Turkey and has been awarded Presidential Recognition for Contribution to the Well Being of Turkish Society. She has presented on adolescent substance abuse treatment and other topics worldwide including the United States, Turkey and Singapore.
She is an active supporter of Let Our Children Go to School, an NGO with global impact.
Pam Colby, BSc (FSc), RD, CDE
Pam Colby, BSc (FSc), RD, CDE
Pam trained at McGill University and the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. As a Registered Dietitian, Pam has worked for the London hospitals for over 35 years. Positions included Practice Leader and Research Dietitian in Endocrinology, Cardiology and Surgery. Seconded to the Department of Medicine for a decade, Pam was the Coordinator of the land-mark NIH funded trail in type 1 diabetes, the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT). Pam has been a Certified Diabetes Educator for over 20 years, working closely with clients, specializing in working with diabetic athletes. Pam was also the volunteer Nutritional Consultant to ONERUN ultra distance runner, Theresa Carriere.

As Research Dietitian Educator at Brescia University College she is a lecturer on the topic of diabetes and Research Dietitian Educator of PREPARE, a clinical trial in prediabetes. Having recently retired from the Diabetes Education Centre of SJHC she has rejoined the diabetes research world, now coordinating a trail of a new ultra-rapid insulin in type 1 diabetes.

An avid cyclist and past rower, a coxswain and an official Judge with Rowing Canada, Pam has always been an active person. When rowing left her with a back injury, Pam discovered the healing benefits of yoga! Frequent attendance at classes led to her becoming a certified fitness instructor and yoga teacher. Inspired by Beth's Shaw's Yoga Fit approach, she is now YogaFit 200 and RYT certified. Currently teaching YogaFit, Yoga Fit Sweat & BodyFlow, at GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Pam is still on the Yoga Fit path.
Dale Burg
Dale Burg is a writer and ghostwriter, editor, and instructor of writing and editing at the university level.

She has written or co-written 25 books, including two New York Times best-sellers, 7 long-running bylined columns for national magazines, and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. She has been published by major houses including William Morrow, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin's, Random House, and John Wiley.

Her work includes prescriptive non-fiction, autobiographical memoirs, essays, advertorials, advice columns, annual reports, television commentary, sitcom scripts and movie screenplays.

Dale's collaborators have included the founder of the Geek Squad (for a humorous book on computer repair), and she has written with and for restauranteur B. Smith, businessman Harvey Mackey, and fitness expert Denise Austin, among others. She worked with a wealth management expert (on what the Library Journal called one of 2010's best financial books, and the founders of a woman's investment club (for a book that made the New York Times Business Best Seller List).

She specializes in making complex ideas clear, getting the writer's voice, and adding humor.

She developed and ran a workshop for television writers at Columbia Pictures Industries, taught a course in how to get published at the New School, co-taught a course on writing sitcoms at NYU with one of the original writers of Saturday Night Live, and for six semesters taught editing and feature writing at Montclair State University.

Dale is a graduate of Brown University and has a master's degree from Cornell.

Worked with specialists in all above topics as well as computer repair, fitness, beauty, career preparation, memoir.
Specialist in making complex ideas clear, getting the writer's voice, adding humor

Staff and freelance editor for national magazines including Spa Finder , Star Magazine
Designed editing course - Montclair State Univeristy

Visiting Instructor of editing and magazine journalism (Montclair State University)
Instructor of comedy writing (NYU)
Creator/ director of television writing workshop at Columbia Pictures Industries
Guest lecturer Maui Writers' Conference, Smithsonian, other venus

Proposal writing:Conceptualizing an idea, putting it into a form for submission to an agent and/ or a publisher. The elements usually include a sales proposal, a chapter-by-chapter outline, and a sample chapter. Clients come directly or by referral, generally from an agent or editor.
Structural editing: Planning a manuscript or reorganizing an existing manuscript.
Copy editing and proofreading: Fine-tuning language, style, and grammar

BA Brown University
MA Cornell University
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