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February 2012

Dear YogaFit Family:


*"The most beautiful message is the message of the heart."
The New Year is getting off to a great start at YogaFit. In San Diego at the Mind Body Fitness Conference, there were  over 200 attendees doing yoga until the late of hours, trance dancing, and enjoying a lot of Itoen Tea.
As we move through life remember that our body is our HOME no matter where we travel. With awareness and discipline we can enjoy a health and a body that does not get in the way of living. YogaFit is an amazing way to keep your body/mind in order.
Looking forward to some amazing conferences, training, and retreats including an anti-aging and longevity:  ayurvedic and health retreat - Memorial Day Weekend.

 As we approach Valentine's Day let us remember - "Using the mind and not the heart is like having two legs and only walking on one."

In honor of Valentine's Day - bring a new friend to YogaFit and get a free level one retrain. Enjoy your shared practice.

 May we stay in our hearts.  


With love and light




*Pram Rawat


Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw
YogaFit Founder





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John Benbow

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5. Gov. Brown seeking to REPEAL provisions of CA's Hayden Law


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DallasMBFMarch 2012 MBF Conference: Dallas, TX


dallas hotelPlease join us for the Dallas, TX MBF March 7-10, 2012 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Dallas - Campbell Centre. 


To reserve your room at the Dallas DoubleTree Campbell Centre, please call 800-245-8918 and mention YogaFit Mind Body Fitness for special conference rate of $109 through February 15, 2012.


 We will be offering the following trainings:


* Anatomy and Alignment (Thurs. - Fri. Mar. 8-9)
* Anatomy and Alignment 2 (Sat. - Sun. Mar. 10-11) 

* Ayurveda (Thurs. - Fri. Mar. 8-9) 

* Kids (Sat. Mar. 10)

* Level 2 (Thurs. - Fri. Mar. 8-9)
* Level 3 (Sat. - Sun. Mar. 10-11) 

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* Restorative (Thurs. - Sun. Mar.8-11)

* Thai (Thurs. Mar. 8) 

* Therapy 2 (Thurs. - Sun. Mar. 8-11) 

* Working with Chakras (Fri. Mar. 9)

* Yoga Props (Thurs. Mar. 8) 


Conference Location:

Double Tree by HIlton Hotel Dallas

8250 N. Central Expressway

DALLAS, TX 75206




MBF20122012 MBF Schedule: Registration Available NOW!  



Dallas, TX: Mar. 7-10

Monroeville, PA: Apr. 12-15

Toronto,ON (CAN): May 3-6, 2012

Minneapolis, MN: June 13-17

Palm Springs, CA: July 11-15

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Sept. 12-16

Indianapolis, IN: Oct. 10-14

Atlanta, GA: Nov. 8-11

Seattle, WA: Dec. 6-9




2012 India Trip - We are going this year on Nov. 17-27 and we invite all trainees to participate!  




Hi Beth,


I recently got back from the YogaFit India Intensive. It was good to see you there when you came through. I couldn't talk on the hike  to the Durga Temple because it took all my focus and breath to keep getting up that mountain!!  I just want to thank you so much for your work in setting up the India Intensive at the retreat center. I have my 200hr with YogaFit and have always wanted to do more studies in India.  I trusted that YogaFit would have done the research and choosen a good place and a good teacher there. The experience really surpassed my expectations, even though I liked to think I let go of expectations. :-)

I am still digesting the India Intensive. Tracy did a great job of leading the trip. She took really good care of us. I had been to India before and know it can be challenging. On this trip, I felt like I was in a protected cocoon. It was very relaxing with her in charge of all the logistics and Rishikesh is such a lovely place. The  retreat center is heavenly. I feel very lucky and privilaged to have been able to participate in this retreat.

The food was marvelous and I miss it!! I didn't bring snacks and didn't really need them. I think I lost at least 5 pounds on the trip and feel much better physically. Lighter and stronger. The meditation every morning has really cemented my meditation practice. Now I look at it as something I savor every day and really carve out time for it. 

Maybe I will see you in a few weeks in Del Mar if you are teaching at the MBF there. I am taking Therapy 2 which will be a good continuation of what we learned in India.   My regular classes start Wednesday. I am excited to start introducing some of the new things I learned on our intensive to my regular students.

I hope more YogaFit trainees take advantage of the India intensive and what it has to offer. It is well worth the travel  and time  to get there.








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cyfpartnerspecial2012 Membership New Year Special 

Terra Silver Mat with Grip

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Perfect Start Package
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Level 2 DVD 

YogaFit Level 2 DVD 


YogaFit's NEW Level 2 DVD contains creative and effective sequencing ideas for a more well-rounded and powerful practice while incorporating positive affirmations that challenge and inspire new levels of thinking, being and behaving. 

New Seniors



YogaFit Seniors DVD

 Based on YogaFit's Three Mountain Format® of warm up, work & cool down all of which incorporate the safety principles of alignment.



YogaFit Active Vol. 10: Rejoice

Produced and arranged by Beth Shaw, ACTIVE 10~ REJOICE marks the 12th year of the ACTIVE series created by Beth. REJOICE was inspired by the journey through life and the importance of REJOICING existence, love, loss and laughter.


Zen Cafe 11




YogaFit Zen Cafe 11

Chill tracks for slow flow yoga and restorative/ therapeutic classes. Produced by Beth Shaw, this CD marks the first custom CD released by Beth after a long silence.




YogaFit FUR-riously Fit

FUR~riously FIT... With its mellow to moderate tempo track listing, this cd is a wonderful compliment to YogaFit's soon to be released "Furriously Fit" dvd. Produced with you and your pet in mind, this soundtrack is the perfect mix of relaxing rhythms and energizing beats making your workout not only effective, but enjoyable as well. 

Inspired and Produced by: BETH SHAW  





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freebraceletShop for Valentine's Day! Spend $30 or more between Feb. 1 - 14 and get a FREE bracelet!
Relief Bead Darfur Bracelets directly supports malnourished children and the only women's center in Darfur. One bracelet provides 2 months of education for 1 child.



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yfcanadaYogaFit Canada

YogaFit Canada


Did you know we have 50+ trainings scheduled in cities right across Canada for 2012 with more being added daily and our very first Canadian MBF in May 2012?

More information can be found: 


We also have a monthly newsletter for YogaFit Canada

To subscribe please email:


YogaFit Canada's first Mind Body Fitness Conference in 2012!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - May 3-6, 2012

Click here to register!



bethintaiwanBeth Shaw in Taiwan




YogaFit's Beth Shaw and Taiwanese Fitness Friends @ the Taiwan Fitness Festival Nov 2011!





goodlifeGoodLife Testimonials


I was in your YogaFit class on Wednesday morning. I have been dealing with a torn rotator cuff, and truth be told, feeling a little frustrated by it. While I loved the whole class, the most important part was when you talked about compassion and how we need to offer it to ourselves. I very much needed to hear that on that day.


I joined the gym probably 8 years ago or so and started going to your classes.  I am now 50 pounds lighter and ran the Chicago Marathon last month.  So, thank you so very, very much. Your enthusiasm for health, fitness and living a meaningful life has definitely left its mark on me!



Hamilton GoodLife Fitness Member on Terra, YogaFit Instructor and Group EXercise Manager, Hamilton, ON



As our programming and club growth expanded we had the need to ensure we had a quality Yoga program as part of our Group EXercise menu. 


The YogaFit club series was the missing piece of our programming puzzle.  We needed a program that provided consistency, efficient quality training program that would allow our current instructors to expand their teaching skills to include a Yoga that was the perfect blend of authentic Yoga practices adaptable to a fitness club environment and membership.  Our existing instructor culture was thriving on pre-choreography, and preformatted class styles thus making it a very smooth transition to adapt YogaFit.  A strong program, meeting a strong instructor base equaled a quick buy in and roll out with programming.  There is confidence in the programming with YogaFit trained instructors, our members are in good hands.


Kim Lavender, National Director of Team Training 




You protect your students with the SPA principles, let us protect you with low cost insurance!  

YogaFit is Proud to Announce YogaFit Insurance!

  • Exclusive Insurance for YogaFit® Instructors
  • Fast & Easy ONLINE Application and Purchasing Process
  • Customized General & Professional Liability Coverage
  • Portable Coverage Wherever you Instruct Your Clients
  • Low Annual Premiums

"As a professional, you must protect yourself and your clients from the unforeseen. YogaFit Insurance provides this peace of mind at less than $14 a month."
 -Akimi Nakagawa, General Counsel YogaFit
 All YogaFit Instructors are eligible for the $165 a year program pricing. This package includes General & Professional Liability with a total policy limit of $1 Million Per Occurrence / $3 Million Aggregate.

Visit to sign up today!




orgspaOrganic Spa Magazine featuring the YogaFit's Seven Principles of Alignment

Read Article   

Organic Spa Magazine: 

Launched in January 2007 and provides readers with access to the latest organic information for the consumer conscience. Dedicated to the sustainable side of life bringing readers the most current news on trends, products and resources.


Circulation: 125,000




onsiteOnSite Fitness Magazine 


Yoga for Better Posture

Bad Posture in our society is caused by a host of factors. Modern day living contributes to poor posture in a variety of ways:  


1. Too much time spent at

desks and computers

2. Excessive driving, especially

in traffic

3. Cooking, cleaning and

child rearing

4. Lack of attention and focus

on strengthening core and

back muscles


There are many yoga postures that can enhance good posture.


Read Article



BAMBAM 2012 Brochure   
Date: February 24-26, 2012

Chico, CA

Please join YogaFit at B.A.M, where Carol Shankland will be presenting YogaFit Sweat, YogaBack, & YogaLean!

See Brochure




Trainer & Trainee of the Month



TrainerTrainer of the Month: Skila Ramierez


Skila began practicing yoga in 2002 as a healthy alternative to prescription drugs for pain management stemming from a car accident. After practicing with many respected yoga instructors & attending several clinics, she became a certified yoga teacher. Yoga has not only given her a healthy way to manage chronic back & neck pain but has also aided her in body acceptance and helped her to maintain a healthy body-weight (she has lost 50 pounds & kept it off for over 10 years). 


Skila specializes in the development of corporate wellness programming, consulting, & program design for fitness centers;also, works with small groups & individuals with goal setting, stress management, nutritional counseling, and personal training.  As an expert in the field of wellness, she is trained to work with special populations including: seniors, pre/post-natal, children, & those with special needs. She currently works with YogaFit as a nationally accredited program designer, public speaker, proctor, & holds workshops locally. 

Her teachings are based on a simple truth, "Yoga is for everyone & anyone can do yoga.In each moment, we've all been given a divine opportunity to enjoy life."




TraineeTrainee of the Month: John Benbow

I have loved teaching group fitness since early 1999 and began dabbling in yoga in 2001, an endeavor that successfully addressed a degenerating L5-S1 juncture in my lower back. In 2005, I completed my first Yogafit® teacher training and was hooked on the focus on physical safety and the inclusion mindset that has become the cornerstone of my practice and teaching. In 2009 I completed my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) training with Yogafit® and left the world of organic chemistry to open BGB, LLC (Balance-Growth-Being), a venture that supports individuals on their own wellness journeys. I am currently mid-way through my 500 hour Yoga Therapy-based journey and have been blessed to find Centerspace Wellness studio where I can bring my practical knowledge of Vinyasa, restorative yoga, and yoga therapy into my classes and private sessions. I have also joined the Fitness and Wellness faculty at our local Community College where I teach yoga for credit. Lots of fun there! As a fitness professional, I hold certifications from SPIN Fitness, AFAA, ACE, and ACSM. I enjoy exploring the mindfulness and physical aspects of yoga with individuals to improve their functional performance, be it in an athletic environment or moving through one's day, and I am continually amazed at the levels that a mind-body-spiritually balanced body can achieve. Om shanti!


John Benbow, Ph D, E-RYT, ACSMCPT 




partnerofmonthPartner of the Month: Cathy Keim


Sharing my path to Yoga and beyond.....

                  My journey to yoga and teaching began in the 80's with a video named the "Unexercise Workout" by Dixie Carter. I was in a fast paced, stressful career, married and raising 3 children. This tape appealed to me because I had no energy left when it came to taking care of "me". Alas, my first introduction to yoga---my first learning to re-energize with less physical movement and relieving mental stress.

                  I graduated from Mercy School of Nursing In 1969 in Toledo, Ohio where I received an RN diploma. I was raised in a very small farming community in Ohio very close to Lake Erie. My first nursing job landed in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Clinic. I married a marine and landed in North Carolina and had my first son. We traveled to Idaho in 1973 joining my extended family, and decided to set roots here in the NorthWest.

                  My life in Idaho, was riddled with changes, the next years, I had my first daughter, a divorce, and a new marriage having my last son in 1978. My second husband and I have been married 35 years, and we traveled in his career throughout Idaho living in 4 locations until we landed here in Coeurda'lene , we set roots here for the first time in our married life in 1986. Now we have reached 26 years of utter enjoyment of the Northwest waters and lifestyle.

                 I then hit the brick wall full force!!!  I practiced 30 or more years of nursing in many different locations and modalities, lots of intensive care units, fast pace surgical units, until I reached overload after moving to N. Idaho. I was diagnosed with chronic depression from childhood and that in addition to my unbalanced giving approach to all parts of my life, I became so worn out, I left nursing for a few years excavating loads of stress, and learning to put "me" on the plate! I returned to nursing gradually and retired teaching at our local community college.

                      I then took a long overdue timeout for the next couple years, joined a local gym for swimming, and began my trek to more healing and renewal. It was at this gym where I was first practiced yoga consistently.   I was practicing 3 x's a week, gradually becoming stronger in mind and body. Yoga was a lifesaving gift and a gateway to a lifestyle I was seeking. One of my teachers advised me to take a YogaFit training being held in Spokane, Washington. So there began my love, and respect of yoga and the style of teaching provided by YogaFit.   Throughout my nursing career, and my own life, I witnessed much illness, disease, trauma--- I was strongly motivated to provide a preventative health care option to all people. The idea that motivated me the most was that yoga can provide a source of movement and balance for the body and mind that anyone can do at any pace they need.  And the fact that the Yogafit style is based on sound, healthy principles is a big plus for me being a medical person.

                  That motivation has kept me on the 200 hr track of YogaFit.  At age 63, I have only a few hours left to complete my track to attain my Ace certification, but more than that, I yearn to know and understand more, and I can rely on YogaFit to have done the research for the education we need to best service our clients and what they need.   I fully use the different YogaFit class agendas, and if I can't attend a workshop, the training DVD's enable me to learn easily and set up that style of class.

                  I have now been operating and teaching in my own studio, TLC's Lifestyle Yoga @ RiversEdge", on our property in Post Falls, Idaho for the last 6 years. It is outside the gym realm providing small classes, a retreatful, restful indoor space, and out of the studio is surrounded by walking, serenity garden, and trails to the RiversEdge.... leading to a" YogaShelf", a shelf of level and firm grass allowing our feet to be firmly grounded in the Earth. . Nature comes to us stimulating all our senses the awesome strength and force of the Spokane River, by the arms of tall pine trees, and by listening to the sights and sounds of wildlife.  This coming year we envision building a walking meditation labyrinth on the beach of the river.  

                  I am also teaching at our local vocational community college, facilitating a few classes each semester.  I like spreading the news of how powerful and life changing yoga can be,   especially in our area where yoga is just beginning to be   understood and practiced.   I also donate a weekend each spring to a group called "Operation Military Camp" for families of the military. I am introducing yoga to all ages, and whole families while others provide the usual camping activities. And I am honored to give service to those in our military and their families here in Northwest Idaho and Washington.

I am passionately motivated to provide a balanced, safe, and preventive healthcare option that heals from the inside out......and that can be adapted for anyone. My biggest challenge is getting people to the "mat" consistently..... To rest, to be still!








hostofmonthHost of the Month: Marla Chefalo  

Marla Chefalo is the Director of Continuing Education for the Gates Chili Central School District. She began hosting and taking Yoga Fit trainings in November, 2008. To date Gates Chili and Yoga fit have offered 25 teacher trainings that were attended by more than 500 students. Marla Complete her 200 hours with Yoga Fit in April 2011. Through her continuing education program she has taught Yoga for Seniors. Try Yoga, So you always wanted to Try Yoga, and Yoga for Teens! She also holds her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification and her Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher certification.


One of her favorite things about hosting yogafit training is having the opportunity to meet other liked minded individuals and then to go out into the community and try their classes! 



 Community Service
YogaFit encourages and supports the philosophy of "Conscious Business". In this Millennium we believe the companies that are socially responsible will prosper from good will and good karma. Together we are changing the paradigm of what it means to do good business.. really good business.



communityserviceYogaFit's Community Service Contest Lotus


Do you have an amazing community service story to tell? YogaFit would love to hear how you are giving back to your community and spreading the ideals of giving back.  


Every month YogaFit will be choosing one inspiring story and the winner will be receiving a Level One gift certificate.


If interested, please submit your story to with the subject line: Community Service.




coralraffYoga Fit has provided the platform which allows me to teach and encourage others to follow a multidimensional path toward an enhanced state of well being and an improved quality of life.  No one is free from life's natural adversity which we all must endure. Through disciplines like yoga, I believe one can blend mind, body and spirit into a force capable of overcoming most any trauma or hardship. As a breast cancer survivor, I understand the benefits of a regular exercise program in helping one's own body contribute to the healing process.  At the core is my belief that a healthy mind and body are two of the essential elements needed to achieve positive growth as an individual. 


Hackensack University Medical Center has afforded me the opportunity to expand my teachings by giving me the honor to teach Yoga Fit to cancer patients at their facility. Some patients have recovered from cancer while others are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for various forms of this horrible and debilitating disease.  We dance, we flow, we stretch, and put ourselves in positions never thought possible. Despite what they endure, they come to class.  I often wonder what their physicians would say seeing them do a half-moon on the wall.


This is only one half of my story. The other half is the enormous satisfaction I personally experience each and every time I see a smile on someone's face as they push past their pain to reach a yoga goal never thought possible. And most rewarding for me are the two simple words patients say at the end of each yoga session; thank you.




Carol Raff





OBLOperation Blankets of Love Needs Your Help!

Operation blankets of love

Dear Friends, 


As you relax in your warm home, perhaps by a cozy fire, is there a dog snoozing at your feet? Perhaps a cat curled up on your lap, happily dreaming of slow mice?   As you enjoy this most festive time of the year, I'm asking you to spare a moment and a thought for all of the homeless animals in shelters who are outside in the cold-in some areas freezing cold. Alone. Cold. Scared. Not very festive, is it? Together we can change that.


OBOL is dedicated to providing a second chance for innocent homeless pets that have no voice. Together we can be their voice, their champions, and their saviors. You have indicated that you are interested in helping. 


For more information, visit their website:



spaydogsHelp Spay/Neuter 1,000 Dogs!



How can you make a direct impact and save thousands of dogs from dying at shelters due to overcrowding? Donate $100 to Downtown Dog Rescue to pay for one spay/neuter surgery and prevent countless numbers of puppies from ever being born.  Providing free spay/neuter to underserved communities is the most important action that can be taken to save more lives. Preventing thousands of dogs from being born into a life where they will be faced with the struggle to survive on the street or being chained and neglected, can only happen through free mobile clinic programs, where the service is free and accessible to all.


Click here to make a donation!



govBrownGov. Brown seeking to REPEAL provisions of CA's Hayden Law 


Governor Brown is planning to repeal one of the most important pieces of legislation that exists to protect animals in the CA shelter system.  Please take a few minutes of your time to speak out and be the voice for these animals who cannot speak for themselves.  As a rescuer I see how the Hayden Law saves the lives of animals every single day.  So please, help us stop this repeal.  Please forward this email to every Californian you know and ask them to take action as well.  This is urgent as Governor Brown is already making this plan.  So please act quickly. Thank you.  


What you can do:


* Please sign this petition and forward to others! This link also has more information about the Hayden law.


* Here is a second petition that also sends a letter to Gov Brown as well as to your Senator and Assembly Member



* Phone calls and letters make the biggest difference.  So please pick up the phone and make that call to Governor Brown.  Please tell him that you do not want the Hayden Law repealed.  Let him know that you want The Hayden law and the animals of this state protected.   Governor Brown at (916) 445-2841 (9 am to 5 pm). See More 




News and Articles




AyurvedaAyurveda for Daily Life


Why you need Ayerveda & How it can help you get healthier & happier now!


Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine native to India. The Sanskrit word means science of life. This tradition, said to be the sister science of Yoga as it shares the same view of the interconnections between the body, mind, heart, and spirit, is one of the most ancient forms of medicine still in continuous practice. Ayurveda is a knowledge base that is both oral, passed on from teacher to student, as well as written. There are several source books of Ayurveda that describe the basic principles and practices of the system, as well as sophisticated techniques of surgery and other healing practices.


Ayurveda is a wisdom tradition that honors and exalts our connection with nature and our deeper connections with our inner spirit and who we are. At its deepest understanding, this is the great gift of Ayurveda: not to teach us lists of rules and regulations, but to awaken our own inner knowing, to help us to touch our body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul. Our textbook is our own body, rather than external books or outside experts. Books and teachers are the roadmaps, the guides to shine the light on our own inner path that encourages us to set forth into the deepest caverns and darkest spaces of who we are.

Through understanding the terminology and practice of Ayurveda, we can connect to our intuition and learn to listen to the messages of the body. 


The information in Ayurveda helps us to tailor our personal Yoga practice and the classes we teach in order to enhance their effectiveness.  We experience Ayurveda through understanding our relationships with the elemental forces of nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether (space). It is through these, that we categorize and organize the physiological and psychological systems and processes of the body. Through nature, we understand the bigger picture.


In Ayurveda, the body is an investigative tool to reach a higher plane. The body is our vessel in this life for this exploration and Ayurveda provides tools to maintain optimal health along the journey. (Much like maintaining a car through oil changes, tune-ups and repairs.) Yoga, from the perspective of Ayurveda, is both a therapeutic system (a prescriptive set of tools) and a gateway to higher consciousness, and ultimately self-realization. From the perspective of Yoga, Ayurveda is a system that provides a method for maintaining health in order to have energy for spiritual practice, long life to support the quest for enlightenment, and rejuvenation to maintain stamina and youthful exuberance.


Felicia M. Tomasko, RN is the President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, on the board of directors of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and is the editor-in-chief of LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine. She is a Master Trainer for YogaFit and is honored to be involved with the Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation, Pranayama, YogaFit Sweat and YogaLean programs for YogaFit. 


UPCOMING AYURVEDA TRAINING: Feb 11-12 in Manchester, NH. More info:  

(Beth Shaw maybe at this training) 




Alexandria, VA MBF - February 4-5, 2012

Dallas TX, MBF - March 8-9, 2012

Monroeville, PA MBF - April 12-13, 2012

Minneapolis, MN MBF - June 16-17, 2012

Palm Springs, CA MBF - July 14-15. 2012

Fort Lauderdale, FL MBF - September 15-16, 2012

Atlanta, GA MBF - November 10-11, 2012

Seattle, WA MBF - December 6-7, 2012






Conscious Caring For Your Children


Many clients come to see me because they are not sure how to manage anxiety, depression, addiction, fear, or destructive behaviors. Each of these clients, and most people I know who struggle with any of the above issues share a commonality; they rarely experienced a parent who modeled good self soothing or self care behaviors. 

Most people don't know how to contain anxiety or how to manage impulse control. Many people use external mechanisms to self sooth (such as alcohol, medications) or compulsive behaviors like shopping or over eating or sex to manage emotions.


Children need parents who engage rather than avoided emotions. Every coping mechanism learned is typically experiential and generational. It is important that parents emulate healthy emotional engagements; both their own and the emotions of their children. Avoiding difficult conversations regarding uncomfortable emotions leaves children wondering what to do. It teaches children not to address things that are painful or confusing. It produces anxiety and coping mechanisms like disassociation. See More


 Shonna Porter is an exercise physiologist, mental health therapist and Gig Harbor wife and mom. She can be reached at



ExpressionExpression of Gratitude


Hi Beth,


First of all, thank you for mentioning Ascend to Enterpeneur Magazine and giving us the privilege of talking about how YogaFit has helped Ascend. We are grateful and appreciative. Our local news did another story on us last night and I send a link to you.


Your method is so powerful for the people that we help. They all have perceptions about what yoga will be like and it has had a positive effect on every student beyond what they had expected. The YogaFit method of making people feel succesful is an incredibly powerful tool in criminal rehabilitation. It has enhanced our teacher/student bonding in a way I never expected. Through yoga, I reinforce my role as a strong but nurturing leader. Yoga builds their trust in me, in their ability and in each other. I fear I would overwhelm you with the sheer amount of words it would take to describe to you the incredible things I have seen teaching your method of yoga to this population of people.


A handful of students wrote their impressions of our yoga classes and I thought you may enjoy reading a few of them: This student is a woman in her 30s: I was introduced to yoga quite a few years back and never really grasped the power that yoga had. thanksSee More




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Beth Shaw

 Satya - Commitment to Truthfulness


So truth becomes a balancing act and telling it an even greater one - there are the truths we speak to others and the truths we cannot even admit to ourselves. There are the truths that are universal and the truths that are highly personal.  With luck and love and hope - at some point we can pull the truth out and we can wrap ourselves in it.





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